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Continued management of your listing errors is crucial for success on eBay. Unlike other marketplaces, eBay errors won't disappear on their own even if you've already resolved the issue. If an item has a listing error, ChannelAdvisor won't try to post the item again via the schedule until the listing error is manually deleted. If you've fixed all the items that were affected by a specific error, the quickest way to delete the errors would be from the "Errors" tab. Our schedule will then try to post those items again. 

Please also keep in mind that if you try to use "Post Now" with an item, you can force our system to list the item even if the listing error hasn't yet been deleted. For more information on using our Listing Errors view, please see this article:

- Angela H, Customer Support

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If you are new to using our products, we recommend you begin by referring to our  How To  section for an overview of the application. You will want to be sure to visit the  Video Library  and watch these introductory videos,  Welcome to ChannelAdvisor  and review  Getting Started with Inventory Guide 

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Key enhancements for this release include the following: 

  • Digital Marketing Navigation Updates
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Key enhancements for this release include the following:

  • OAuth access for Google and Bing  accounts
  • Amazon Repricer includes Event-Based Repricing 
  • Google Merchant Promotions

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ChannelAdvisor Introduces Smarter E-Commerce in 2014 Spring Release

Latest product update enhances digital marketing, repricing and fulfillment capabilities for online retailers 

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