Preventing Field Overrides

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Ernie Krieg
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I sell automotive aftermarket parts and many of my products are autofilled with data from DCI. While the infomration helps us list much more items then we would be able to on our own, the Titles and Descriptions leave a lot to be desired.

I want to spend the time to write better descriptions and titles, but  whenever DCI sends updates, any of our changes will be overwritten, is there a simple business rule that we can have look at the two fields such as {Item Title} and {Description} and only fill them in if they are blank, and not to overwrite?

Hope that made sense, Thanks in advance 

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Carol Scheible
ChannelAdvisor Employee
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RE: Preventing Field Overrides

Hi Ernie,

Sorry for the delay in answering this question.     There's not a way to detect if a field has data in ChannelAdvisor so as to not overwrite that data on inventory upload.   

However, I think I have a strategy that would work for you.   Create a custom inventory attribute for your improved titles and descriptions.  Name them something like "Improved Tilte" and "Improved Description", or whatever you like.

Then, on mapping these values to outgoing channels, for example Amazon Template, use this logic:


That tells our system to first check your "Improved Tilte" field to see if that has data in it.  If so, use that.   If that is blank, then use the core Item Title field instead (which I assume is what the DCi feeds populate).

Does that make sense?

Kind Regards,
Senior Support Engineer