eBay Store Category Change - Revison Form Not Working

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Hank MSI
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Used the revision form to move several groups of items into different eBay Categories. - Doesn't work.

Are there any known issues that could cause this?

Tried repeatedly over the last 4 days and no change.

We've made sure the categories are created on eBay, and have sync them through the general settings.

The categories all appear and are listed in the drop-down in both the Posting Templates and the Revision Form.

Please advise.

Thank you.

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Marshall Smith
ChannelAdvisor Employee
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RE: eBay Store Category Change - Revison Form Not Working

Occasionally eBay will reject requests to revise items because of something unrelated to the specific element you are trying to revise, but because other requirements or options for the item have changed since it was first created.  I see that most frequently when some of the item specifics information valid at posting time is no longer allowed.  It's also possible that the revise is not being allowed because of something specific about the information that you've requested, but in order to investigate further we'll need you to open a case with support so your specific information can be identified and examined.