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Bonita Burrell
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In the sears Template for Appliances, there is a field called Style or Type.


How can I map ths attibute so that it will change or I can enter the information per sku?


Field 'Style Or Type' value 'Blender' is not allowed (ex: Blender chopper mixer, Countertop blender, Hand blender, Spindle drink mixer).

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Amy Dren
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RE: Style or Type

Hi Bonita,

This would depend on whether everything you sell that is erroring on Style or Type is the same type of blender.   Also, the options of Style or Type depend on the Category.  

The values noted in the error are the available choices for that Class ID, but not all (611).  To find the values allowed, you can go to Marketplaces > Sears > Product Mapping Template and preview the SKU.  You will see Product Preview over to the right of the page and you can enter a SKU there.

Note the Item Class ID on the Common Page

Switch to the Category specific page, select the field, in this case Style or Type, and enter the Class ID under Restricted Values and hit enter.  All applicable results will apear. Select accordingly. 

You will see the following options:

  • Blender chopper mixer
  • Combination
  • Food chopper
  • Food processor
  • Specialty


I would advise Specialty or Combination if you want to hard-code it.

You could also create an attribute on the SKU level and populate when necessary.  Remember you would need to point to that field in the template, as well.

I hope this helps!

Amy Dren - Sr. Implementation Specialist



Vera Ioele
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RE: Style or Type

Where can I download full list of values allowed for Seats Style or tyle attribute?

Kevin Keyes
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RE: Style or Type

@Vera Ioele I would like this as well. Let me know if you have found it. Thanks.