Google Shopping Feed with ShopifyStore

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Smooth Pence
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I'm trying to get a good feed going to google shopping. To this point I have not found a good solution. Does anybody have a good app or software they're using to create the feed?

I'm currently using the google shopping app but my problem is the images are not connected to the children and thus only a limited amount of items are being passed to google. I've gotten a developer to make it so people can toggle between photos but it would be nice if this could be recognized for the products in shopify. Anybody know how to connect the images to the products in Shopify?

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Carol Scheible
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RE: Google Shopping Feed with ShopifyStore

Hello Smooth,

We do have a full suite of tools to send Google Shopping feeds under the Digital Marketing section of our application.   Since you also are using our platform for Shopify, we'll already have your Product URLs loaded to inventory data, which is populated automatically by the Shopify syncs.  To get started with Google Shopping, see .     

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