Metapack integration with ChannelAdvisor

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Auto Regalia
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Just wondering if anyone is using Metapack for the shipping integration with ChannelAdvisor.

We use it and in the main, Metapack is excellent and automates much of our shipping process.

But we have a couple of issues, which although are not major, they have cause us problems and Metapack support seem to just say "there is nothing they can do" :-

1) The customer shipping address lines passed from ChannelAdvisor are truncated to 20 characters when printed on the Metapack generated shipping label - this means any addresses with lines more than 20 characters are chopped off at 20 characters. We are having to manually check for this scenario and hand-write the lost address data by hand


2) If the customer shipping address is to a business (rather than an individual), the business address name (Company name) is not passed from ChannelAdvisor to Metapack. This has caused undeliverable parcels if the business is part of larger set of offices and the delivery worker is unable to locate the correct business/


Has anyone else had similar issues or has any suggestions for work arounds/solutions?





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Lee Hopper - 44124
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RE: Metapack integration with ChannelAdvisor

We use MetaPack, but via our core system (i.e. MetaPack, CA and other systems link to our core system) so we are in controll of the integration.

With regards to a solution, I think you are at the mercy of whoever built the connector (I would assume this is CA?) - so you will need to contact them and report you issue. Maybe they made an error and will fix it hopefully. Both things should not be an issue as they are possible in MP, so 99% sure it is the actual connection.

Lee Hopper

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