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Amazon Account Status & Health on the Amazon 360 Dashboard


The Reputation section of the  Amazon 360 Dashboard  will allow you to view how you are faring in regards to the various customer metrics that Amazon measures including your order defect rate, cancellation rate, late shipment rate as well as policy violations. This data  is taken directly  from your  Amazon Seller Central Account.

Amazon puts a lot of emphasis in maintaining good Account Heath metrics to show that you are providing an excellent customer experience. Sellers with good metrics are rewarded in the Buy Box algorithm as well as in search results. Being aware of poor metrics allows you the ability to take action and correct any issues you may have with your inventory, customer service or shipping processes before it can become an issue for your Account Status or rank on Amazon.



You should be familiar with the following topics before continuing:

  1. Getting Started with Amazon
  2. Managing Your Amazon Listings


Tasks to Complete

The following concepts should be considered when reviewing your Amazon Account Reputation:

Viewing the Account Reputation Metrics

In order to view this information, make sure that you have supplied ChannelAdvisor with your Seller Central login credentials as requested in your Amazon Settings . Provide this information by editing your settings from Marketplaces > Amazon > Settings .   

Account Status

Your selling account can be in one of the following statuses:

  • Active: Your selling account is able to sell on Amazon and funds (payments) may be disbursed as per the normal schedule.
  • Under Review: Your selling account is able to sell on Amazon, but is currently under review by Amazon and funds are temporarily withheld until the review is completed.
  • Suspended: Your selling account is not able to sell on Amazon and funds are temporarily withheld.

 If your account is Under Review or Suspended , you should visit your Seller Central Account's Performance >  Performance Notifications for details and communication from Amazon.

Account Health

For each of the metrics described below, Amazon will provide a visual indicator:

 - Good rating means that your performance is meeting Amazon’s target for that metric.

 - Fair rating means that your performance does not currently meet Amazon’s target for that metric. You should take steps immediately to improve your performance in this area as performance at this level may result in the removal of your Amazon selling privileges.

 - Poor means your performance does not meet Amazon’s target for that metric and continued performance at this level may result in the suspension of your selling account. Sellers with poor performance should identify the source of the problems and take corrective action as soon as possible.


  • Overall Account Heath - The main metric on the dashboard provides a summary of your Account Heath metrics from Amazon. You can expand the view, using the down arrow, to see the detailed metrics that make up your Overall Account Health metric.
  • Order Defect Rate - A measure of the number of orders that have incurred a defect such as negative feedback, an A-to-z Guarantee claim, or a service credit card charge back.  Order defect rate is the key measure of your ability to provide a good customer experience and your actual rate is also shown on the Dashboard. Your Target rate is < 1%.
  • Cancellation Rate - Cancellation rate is the number of orders cancelled by the seller prior to ship-confirmation divided by the number of orders in the time period of interest. Your Target rate is < 2.5%.
  • Late Shipment Rate - To help better set customer expectations, an order will now be considered late if shipment is not confirmed by the expected ship date. An order was previously considered late when the ship confirmation was overdue by three or more days. We are making this change because we have heard from customers that when sellers confirm after the expected ship date, it raises customer anxiety and results in increased negative feedback and claims.  *Note: The expected ship date is calculated based on the handling time configured by you in the ‘Manage Your Inventory’ section in Seller Central. If you do not set a handling time, the default for the ship date is 1-2 business days. Your Target rate is < 4%.
  • Policy Violations - An indicator if Amazon has communicated with you regarding potential policy violations. If Fair or Poor, visit your Amazon Seller Central account's Performance > Performance Notifications for details. Your Target Rate = Good.
  • On-Time Delivery - Shown currently for US Sellers as the percentage of packages that buyers received by the estimated delivery date based on confirmed tracking information. Typically calculated from preceding 2 weeks. Failure to meet Amazon's target for this metric generally does not result in the suspension of your selling account. However it could cause negative feedback or claims, which could impact your selling account status. See Amazon Seller Central US On-Time Delivery for more information. If you meet Amazon's targets for on-time delivery and tracking scores, you may be eligible to offer reduced handling or transit times on your items.
  • Contact Response Time - This metric measures the percentage of customer-initiated messages that you have responded to within 24 hours. Contact response times outside of Amazon's target generally do not result in the suspension of your selling privileges. However, slow response times can lead to negative feedback and claims which can impact your selling privileges. See Seller Central US - Contact Response Time - for more information. To measure Contact Response Time, Amazon looks at all messages sent between you and a buyer both before and after an order is placed. Note: You can flag a message as not requiring a response by checking the Mark as no response needed  box in the Reply area of the communication thread. This will exclude the message from response-time calculations. Your Target Rate = Good.
  • Perfect Order Percentage (POP) - Perfect Order Percentage (POP) is shown currently for US Sellers and is the % of orders that are accepted, processed, and fulfilled without incident. As a result they do not have any A-to-z Guarantee claims, cancellations, late shipments, buyer-initiated messages, negative feedback, refunds, or charge backs. Amazon recommends a POP score of 95 percent or higher. The number of perfect orders from the past 90 days divided by the total number of orders received during that time. A POP score can vary between categories. For example, sellers in Clothing and Shoes may have more returns because of items not fitting, which may result in higher return and refund rates. See Seller Central US  - Perfect Order Percentage - for more information. Your target rate is > 95%.





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