14 February 2017 Release Notes

Highlights in this release:

  • Assembly Bundles supported
  • Different Amazon orders flow for unified accounts
  • Promotional Pricing update for Walmart

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  • Reporting Distinction Between Impression Types: Retailer Impressions and Widget Impressions are now separately labeled in reports and dashboards. This is to clear up confusion between the single "Impression" field label that applied to both types of impressions.
  • SFTP Pull Now Available: SFTP Pull is now supported for sftp.ChannelAdvisor.com. Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) is a more secure way to transmit data.



  • Additional support for Brands locales in Eastern Europe and Northern Africa: ChannelAdvisor now supports additional countries in which Brands do business: Albania, Algeria, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Egypt, Estonia, Georgia, Greece, Iceland, Latvia, Libya, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Macedonia, Malta, Moldova, Monaco, Montenegro, Pakistan, Tunisia



  • Assembly Bundles: Bundle Products can now be configured in either Standard Mode or Assembly Mode . In Assembly Mode , all components of a bundle are fulfilled from the same distribution center, and the distribution centers from which a bundle can be fulfilled can be selected. The available quantity of assembly bundles is calculated based on the number of bundles that can be fully assembled at each distribution center that is selected.


Reporting and Analytics

  • New Refund Report: Sellers can now schedule and run a report in the ChannelAdvisor Report Center which provides information about refund requests, types, orders and amounts. The new report type is available in the Report Center Beta under Fulfillment > Refunds Request Activity . **Tentatively available February 23, 2017.


Product Intelligence

  • Product Tracking – New Widget to Track Price Distribution by Time: New widgets show a single retailer's price distribution by day. These widgets measure the number of products above and below average in a given day so that one can see how a retailer changes its pricing strategy over time.
  • Average Review Ratings By Retailer and Category: Product Intelligence customers now have a new widget available for their dashboards. The Average Review Ratings Over Time allows you to track average customer review ratings by retailer or product category.


Where to Buy

  • Lead Value and Sales Values in Buy Online Widgets: Customers now have the option to plot either Lead Value or Sales Totals on the Buy Online Lead Performance and Buy Online Top Retailers Over Time dashboard widgets.
  • Filter Where to Buy Reports by Retailer: Where to Buy customers can now filter their retailer-based reports by any one of their retail partners.


Where to Buy and Product Intelligence

  • Hover Help Text for Report Building: When building or editing a report in the Report Center, you can hover over the field name to see its description or definition.
  • Filter Where to Buy Reports by Product: Brands customers can now use the In List option to filter their reports for one or many of their products. Filters available for EAN, UPC, MPN, Model Name, and Title .





  • Change to Amazon orders flow for unified accounts: With this release, our system will only pull in orders for an account that match the locale (e.g., Amazon US) with the corresponding posting account in the ChannelAdvisor platform. Sellers will no longer be able to have one posting account in ChannelAdvisor that pulls all of your unified account orders through that single posting account. This change ensures that the reporting and GMV for your account is properly represented for the Amazon marketplaces that you sell on. For questions about this process, please contact our support team at support@ChannelAdvisor.com.
  • Amazon Dashboard Updates: The Amazon Feedback Rating widget is being revamped to provide a summary of your Amazon feedback rating and how this is trending in the short term versus long term. Positive feedback comments will no longer be displayed, allowing sellers to focus on identifying areas of improvement within the negative and neutral feedback comments. The widget will now provide the option to export all negative and neutral feedback for orders placed within the past 30 days.

    The Daily Amazon Buy Box % widget will no longer be available. To view your trends in Buy Box ownership, please see the Amazon Buy Box Attainment widget in the Optimization Dashboard .
  • Apparel Category Now Available for Amazon India: As of Feb 1, we have added support for the Apparel category in the Amazon IN template. To list items to this category, navigate to the Amazon settings page ( Marketplaces > Amazon > Settings ) to enable this category.



  • Update to ending time requirement for eBay Promoted Listings: Ending time is not required anymore for eBay Promoted Listings. You can nevertheless see the field when creating Promoted Listings in ChannelAdvisor. But feel free to leave this blank when creating new Promoted Listings
  • eBay Promotions will not error from invalid listing's error: ChannelAdvisor has now made a change that if a listing gets an invalid listing error from eBay, we will not error out the entire promotion, list all the other listings on the promotion .
  • eBay Return's Center - refund more than requested: With this change, if you want to refund more than the eBay buyer initiated return/refund says, ChannelAdvisor has made a change to make this possible.



  • Jet Taxonomy Update: ChannelAdvisor has updated the taxonomy of Jet to the most up to date version. With this, we added a new field called Replacement Cost. Please note that this field is used by Jet.com for certain situations, and any value uploaded will be ignored.
  • Ability to send shipping overrides for FBA items: With this release, you will be able to now send item level shipping overrides for FBA items from the Jet template.

    Visit the Jet Item Level Shipping Override page for more information.



  • Promotional Pricing Updates: Promotional Pricing is now updated to support the additional following types:
    • CART – The price will not be shown until after the buyer adds the item to their cart.
    • CHECKOUT – The price will not be shown until the buyer goes through the checkout process.
    • BASE – Selecting Base will remove any of the other promo types, should you need to end a promotion early. You should also adjust your Promo Price to represent the standard price when doing this.
  • Walmart listings now featured within ChannelAdvisor's Global Search: ChannelAdvisor's global search feature will now feature Walmart listings as part of its search results. You can find the ChannelAdvisor search bar at the top of every page to the right of the ChannelAdvisor logo.


Digital Marketing



  • Broad Audience Targeting for Facebook Ads: Broad Audience Targeting is now available for Facebook and Instagram Dynamic Ads. This expands the functionality of Dynamic Ads beyond just retargeting to new customer acquisition. You can now target based on age, gender and location, and also choose to include or exclude people who've visited or taken certain actions on your website. For best performance, we recommend including some people who've interacted with your website and excluding people who've recently purchased something from your product catalog. It's also recommended you not use a Lookalike Audience or other interest-based ad targeting.



  • Criteo: We updated the feed template to support Criteo's new format/specifications.
  • Olapic: We updated the feed template to support Olapic's Category and Product feed specifications:
    • Category IDs will be generated (if left blank) with <Category_Name>
    • A list of CSV category paths will be accepted
    • The category feed will contain all individual nodes of all category paths (with parents)
    • The product feed has a categoriesID element with at least one categoryID child
  • OrderGroove (CAN only): The category_ids field is now supported.

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