14 March 2017 Release Notes

Highlights in this release:

  • Amazon Competitive Environment Dashboard and Competition Monitoring Reports
  • eBay Algorithmic Repricing
  • Walmart and Jet Data in Benchmarking Platform

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Where to Buy

  • Filter Where to Buy Reports by Campaign: Brands customers can now filter their Where to Buy reports by campaign.
  • Click Through Rates on more Where to Buy Dashboard Widgets: Brands customers can now select Click Through Rates as a metric to display in their Top Retailer and Top Category dashboard widgets.
  • Multi-Account Filtering on Select Where to Buy Dashboard Widgets: Where to Buy customers operating campaigns for multiple brands or countries can now filter select dashboard widgets by one or more accounts. Multi-account filtering is available on Buy Online Top Retailers Over Time, Buy Online Lead Performance, and Buy Online Top Categories.


Where to Buy and Product Intelligence

  • Select the Currency to be used in Where to Buy and Product Intelligence Reports: Brands customers can set the currency to be used in their Where to Buy and Product Intelligence reports.





  • Competitive Environment Dashboard: As a seller on Amazon, you need to know what you are up against and be proactive about staying ahead. When you know who you are competing against and where you may be losing market share, you can make more informed decisions about your Amazon business. The new Competitive Environment Dashboard is an easy way to view details and trends about your competitive environment on Amazon, both at the macro-level and SKU-level.
    Please note: The new dashboard is not available for Amazon China. Additionally, the Amazon Best 100 Sellers widget (which already exists) is not available for India, Japan or China.
  • Competition Monitoring Reports: As a seller on Amazon, it is important to constantly be aware of risks to your business. This is why ChannelAdvisor offers reporting to help you monitor your competition, allowing you to take a proactive role in addressing those risks.

    The MAP Violation report allows you to monitor a set of product listings for instances of sellers offering their product for less than MAP. This allows you to understand if your competition is playing by the rules or if they are creating an unfair advantage by listing below MAP. The MAP Violation report is only available in US posting accounts.

    The Proprietary ASIN Violation report allows you to monitor a set of product listings for instances of other sellers listed on an ASIN where you expect to be the only seller. This allows you to take a more proactive approach in addressing lost sales due to potential counterfeit products.

    Competition Monitoring Reports will be available beginning Wednesday, April 19.



  • Support for eBay Algorithmic Repricing – For Limited Release: Introducing support for eBay Algorithmic repricing! At this time, this feature is open for limited release to select sellers. If you would like to be added to a wait-list, please create a case with ChannelAdvisor support. The eBay Algorithmic Repricing page will also be updated once it is generally available.
  • New Active Content Alerts: Since eBay is changing scope to begin blocking active content (Javascript, plugins, forms, etc) in the June 2017 timeframe, ChannelAdvisor will begin to show alerts for descriptions that contain active content. We will start rendering in the description template preview, what the description will look like once the mandate begins.

    Along with this, you will now see Listing Warnings under Marketplaces > eBay > Performance > Listing Errors.



  • Jet Repricer Activity Widget: A new dashboard widget is now available for use with the Jet Repricer. To add this widget, go to Marketplaces > Jet Marketplace > Products > Overview. Click the Add Widget button on this page, and look for Jet Repricer Activity.


Walmart and Jet

  • Walmart and Jet Data Added to ChannelAdvisor's Benchmarking Platform: We are excited to announce a significant expansion in our benchmarking platform with the addition of detailed Walmart and Jet benchmarking data. ChannelAdvisor Benchmarking is an industry-first suite of customizable dashboards that provide unparalleled insight into how your performance compares to other retailers and brands. Leverage the power of billions in transaction volume in the ChannelAdvisor platform to make informed decisions about your business. With this release, our offering now provides the same level of granularity and insight ChannelAdvisor customers have relied upon for Amazon and eBay, expanded to both Walmart and Jet marketplaces.


Digital Marketing



  • Enhanced Pixel Generator: Added Search and View Category events to the Facebook pixel generator for greater tracking and optimization of your Facebook campaigns.


Paid Search and Feeds

  • Various Google Updates:
    • New Google Shopping US Template – No major changes or new attributes. This is a re-organized template in line with Google Product data specification. To use, remap your existing template to our newest version.
    • New Google Shopping Local Products US Template now supported for Local Inventory Ads
    • Google Manufacturing Center Template – US now available
    • Account Level Sitelinks – You can now manage account level sitelinks in Digital Marketing > Actionable Reporting > Extension. Each level (account/campaign/ad group) has its own assignment dialog.
  • Bing Final URLs (beta): We now support Bing Final URLs and Bing Expanded Text Ads! If you are interested in joining the beta, please contact support. Migration to Bing Final URLs will be fully automated: all keyword and product partition destination URLs will be moved to Final URLs, tracking templates populated with our tracking, as well as full expanded text ad support.





  • Support for using Store API Accounts for connection: ChannelAdvisor now has support for sellers to be able to use API Accounts for connection from BigCommerce to ChannelAdvisor.

    For more information on how to get access to Store API accounts in BigCommerce, please visit this link in the BigCommerce Support portal.

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