17 January 2017 Release Notes

Highlights in this release:

  • eBay 360 Dashboard updated
  • Walmart Repricer
  • Google Shopping Product Group Generator Updates

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  • Reporting and Analytics – Change to Order Date in Reports and Widgets: In order to more accurately align widget and report data to the reports that our sellers receive directly from marketplaces, reports and widgets in the ChannelAdvisor platform will now be based on the date that the order was placed as reported by the channel. Prior to this change the date used was the date the order was imported into ChannelAdvisor. This change will provide a more consistent experience for the seller and simplify data reconciliation. As a part of this change, any report in the ChannelAdvisor Report Center that included the Sale Date column will be automatically converted to use the Order Date column, and any Report in the ChannelAdvisor Report Center that used Sale Date for the report range will automatically be converted to use Order Date. This change does not affect billing or Billing GMV reports.
  • Reporting and Analytics – Downloadable and Reportable Widgets Sellers are now able to download the data that is used to generate widgets, or create a report based on the same data. A download icon is available when a seller hovers over the applicable widgets and clicking on that icon allows the seller to download the data or create a report. The following widgets support this new feature:
    • Account widgets:
      • GMV Trend by Channel
      • GMV Trend by Account
      • GMV Summary by Channel
      • GMV Summary by Account
    • Marketplace widgets:
      • Marketplace Trend
      • Marketplace Summary
  • Orders – Customizable Pick Lists and Packing Slips: Sellers are now able to generate and print pick lists and packing slips directly from the Sales > Shipments page in the ChannelAdvisor platform. Each ChannelAdvisor profile can configure a Pick List template and multiple Packing Slip templates. These new templates will be available on a new consolidated Sales Templates page along with Invoice Templates and Email Templates under the Sales > Settings menu.
  • Shipping Page Updates: We've updated our Shipping pages to better assist you with handling your shipping needs. New pages include:
    • Shipping Rates Guide REPLACES old Account Shipping Rates Page AND the Setup Wizard page and workflow.
      • Location: Sales > Shipping > Shipping Rates
    • Account Shipping Carriers page REPLACES old Account Shipping Carriers page
      • Location: Sales > Shipping > Shipping Carriers
    • Account Shipping Zones page REPLACES old Account Ship-to Zones page
      • Location: Sales > Shipping > Shipping Zones
  • Support for New Countries: The following countries have been added as supported countries within ChannelAdvisor's platform: Costa Rica, Croatia, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Equador, Guatamala, Honduras, Lebanon, Morocco, Nicaragua, Serbia, Slovenia, Serbia





  • Repricing support for multiple products (with different fulfillment types) on the same ASIN: Sellers who list seller fulfilled and Fulfilled by Amazon products separately on the same ASIN can now use the repricer for both of those products simultaneously. This allows sellers who are listing seller fulfilled and FBA products separately to stay competitive with their pricing without having to worry about any missed pricing opportunities or manual updates.

    To set up a repricing rule for your account, visit Marketplaces > Amazon > Optimization > Repricer.
  • Amazon Business DE – Now Supported!: Amazon has launched its Business program in Germany supporting sellers who are selling business to business. Retailers and brands will have the ability to target new customers and promote exclusive business-only offers, special pricing and/or tiered quantity discounts. The Amazon Business program is available to sellers based in Germany, as well as international sellers, and includes the use of Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA).
  • Amazon Business Global (PO# is now available in the Invoice template by default): Amazon Business buyers who input purchase order numbers need to be able to reference that number when the order arrives. We have updated the invoice template in ChannelAdvisor to automatically include any purchase order numbers when you print these.
  • Added FN SKU to FBA Inventory Management & Insights grids: Amazon Fulfillment Network SKU is used to identify your items that are sent to Fulfillment by Amazon. To reference these values in ChannelAdvisor, you can now see these as columns directly in the FBA Inventory Management & Insights grid.

    Navigate to Marketplaces > Amazon > FBA > FBA Inventory Management or Marketplaces > Amazon > Optimization > Insights to review this update.
  • Grocery and Gourmet category added globally and updated: This category is now supported for all Amazon locales supported in ChannelAdvisor.
  • Added Quantity to the Inbound Shipping Plan page: The Amazon FBA Inbound Shipping Plan page allows you to start a FBA inbound shipping plan directly from ChannelAdvisor. Sellers are now able to see the current seller fulfilled, FBA, and suggested FBA inbound quantity numbers directly in the shipping plan to quickly and easily determine what quantity you should send in your inbound shipments to Amazon.

    To start an inbound shipping plan in ChannelAdvisor, go to the Marketplaces > Amazon > FBA > FBA Inventory Management or Marketplaces > Amazon > Optimization > Insights page.



  • eBay 360 Dashboard: The eBay 360 Dashboard has been updated to the new widget format. This allows you to customize your view by selecting the information and layout that suits your needs so that you can see the information that is most relevant to your business. The 360 dashboard includes a pre-defined set of widgets that can be rearranged by dragging them from one column to another.
  • Enhanced Duplicate Listing Block Options for eBay: With this release, you can now choose to block duplicate listing(s) to eBay on any of the following:
    • SKU (inventory item) – existing option
    • Title – new option
    • Product Identifier – new option

    You can choose a combination of all options. To access this setting go to Marketplaces > eBay > Settings > eBay Settings > Duplicate Listing Processing Section.

    More information on avoiding duplicate listings on eBay can be found here in the SSC.
  • Extended support for automotive fitment to France and Italy locales: ChannelAdvisor now offers fitment support for France and Italy. For more information on how to set this up on your eBay templates, please reference the following pages:
  • Access Promotions Manager under Deals and Promotions in the menu for eBay: To access the Promotions Manager tool in ChannelAdvisor, go to Marketplaces > eBay > Optimization > Deal and Promotions.
  • Promoted Listings and Promotions Manager – View the reason why individual listings were not added to the campaign: With this update, you are now able to view listings, and the reason, why it is not live on either a Promoted Listing or Promotion on eBay. To view the listings and reasons from eBay, go into Edit the Promotion or Promoted Listing pages in ChannelAdvisor.

    For information on how to edit a Promoted Listing or Promotion please visit the SSC.
  • Automatically removing any auction items for eBay Promotions and Promoted Listings: ChannelAdvisor will automatically filter out any auction listings that are added to either Promoted Listings or Promotions, since auction listings are not allowed for these programs.



  • Update to Feed Frequencies: As sellers will know, Cdiscount previously had a requirement that product create feeds should only be sent once every 15 days. In early December, Cdiscount relaxed those requirements and we're now able to send feeds every day.

    Cdiscount advise that the creation of products may take several days (we're seeing averages of 3-6 days) but that we can still send feeds everyday.

    No action is needed on your part as a seller; we've already made the change to your account and we're sending new product creation feeds to Cdiscount each day.



  • Flubit rebranded to SKU Cloud: As our sellers will be aware, Flubit has rebranded to SKU Cloud recently. With our latest release, we too have updated our platform to mention SKU Cloud instead of Flubit.

    There is no action to be taken by sellers and no credentials to update, this note serves only as an FYI.



  • Template Update: Iguama's Marketplace template was updated with the following changes:
    • Condition is now a required field
    • MSRP is now a required field
    • Shipping Weight is now a required field
    • Height & Weight have been added as new fields
    Sellers should ensure that the newly required fields are mapped on the template so that there is no disruption to their listings.



  • View up to date Jet taxonomy guide: To view the most up to date taxonomy guide for Jet, go to Marketplaces > Jet > Product Mapping > Template. From this page, there will be an "i" icon to the right of the wording, Jet Template. On that, you will see a link to the most up to date guide.

  • Jet Repricer – Update to exports for Repricer Activity and Competition Watch Pages: With this release, you are now able to export the entire report for the Repricer Activity ( Marketplaces > Jet> Optimization > Repricer Activity ) and Competition Watch ( Marketplaces > Jet > Optimization > Competition Watch ) pages. Previous behavior was to only export 500 rows at at time.

    Visit the Jet Repricer SSC page for more information on this feature.


MercadoLibre Cross-Border Trade

  • Removal of Publish Sites field on MercadoLibre Cross-Border Trade Template: You may notice that ChannelAdvisor has removed the Publish Sites field from the MercadoLibre Cross-Border Trade template. MercadoLibre Cross-Border Trade states that they dictate which items get listed on which sites.



  • Overstock Template Update: Overstock updated their taxonomy as well as requirements for several fields. The following are the most noteworthy updates:
    • Update to taxonomy which contained new sub-categories requested by sellers
    • Additional image fields: now total of 20 images fields on the template
  • Carrier Mappings for Overstock: Overstock, like other marketplaces, support a shortlist of valid values for Carriers when marking orders as shipped. Unlike other marketplaces though, Overstock also requires that sellers provide the code and not the name of the specified carrier.

    We received feedback that providing the code was troublesome for some of our sellers due to how their shipping integration functioned. So we launched support for Carrier Mappings for Overstock.

    Sellers can provide the name of the Carrier as they currently do and ChannelAdvisor will convert this name to the correct code that Overstock need in order to successfully update the order. There is no action needed on your part to enable this; it has already been activated for your account.

    The functionality will help sellers that are sending shipping carrier information in which ChannelAdvisor can logically map to an accepted Overstock value. However, for values that can't be logically mapped, sellers will have to change their shipping carrier value uploaded into ChannelAdvisor to match Overstock's accepted values.



  • Support for Walmart Repricing! ChannelAdvisor is now offering repricing capabilities with Walmart Marketplace. Sellers who are currently using ChannelAdvisor to sell on Walmart will now see the fields to map on the Walmart Marketplace template. For more information and setup instructions, please visit this SSC page


Digital Marketing


Paid Search

  • Export Google Audience Data: You can now export data from the Audience tab in Actionable Reporting in both the grouped and ungrouped view. This can be done for a single date range or for a comparison of two different time periods. For more info on Audience, please visit the Google Remarketing Lists for Search Ads SSC page.
  • Google Bid By Device: With this release we support the following:
    • Bid adjustments for all devices now available in Campaign and Ad Group Performance tabs
    • Ranges supported -90% to +900%
    • To opt out of showing ads on a certain device, decrease your bid by 100% for that device
    • Column in Actionable Reporting has been renamed from Mobile Bid Adjustment into Device Bid Adjustment
    • All 3 devices are in-line editable in the Device Bid Adjustment column
  • Bing Ads: With this release "MSN Search” has been officially changed to “Bing Ads” throughout our Digital Marketing platform.



  • Facebook Placements Update: When selecting placements for your Ad Set you are now able to segment your placements by device type. By default all applicable placements for that device type will be selected.



  • Google Shopping Product Group Generator Updates: The following additional functionality and reporting options are now available in the Product Group Generator (PGG) Preview & History Dashboard. Furthermore you're now able to preview PGG changes prior to making live.
    • History tab added:
      • View campaign summary for live and previewed feeds
      • Download campaign details:
        • Added/deleted product groups
        • Skipped ad groups (non-action, unsynced)
    • Campaign Edit Dialog Run PGG for campaign on save will force the PGG to run and submit changes to provider
    • Widget:
      • Preview PGG Builds – Get a preview of your templated structure prior to pushing live
      • Run PGG Now – PGG will build out for all campaigns and submit to Google based off the last run Google feed
      • Create PGG Template – Build your product group structure template
      • Notifications when PGG is running – Understand when PGG is in progress. Any submits of changes during this time will warn user to wait until completion
      • Notifications when "No Feed Data Exists" – This will appear when there is no history of a delivered Google feed. The Product Group Generator cannot build if there is no feed data. Go to Digital Marketing > Marketing Management > Feeds to kick off a Feed to Google in order for PGG to resume build.
  • Feed Template Updates for BazaarVoice and Olapic:
    • BazaarVoice – Added UPC field to BazaarVoice templates (US, UK, AU)
    • Olapic – Non-US Olapic Standard Header values fixed

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