17 May 2017 Release Notes

Highlights in this release:

  • Sneak Preview Into New All Products - Beta page
  • Three New eBay Widgets on Fees, Performance, and Reputation
  • Bing Final URL Migration with this Release

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  • Sneak Preview – New Features for the All Products - Beta: In the June release the All Products - Beta page will be upgraded to a new version. To get a sneak preview of the new features and submit your feedback, follow the link provided at the top of the current All Products - Beta page. New features include: more robust filtering, saved column configurations, an enhanced user interface and more. For more details, visit the Using the All Products View page.
  • Source Column Added to Upload/Download Status Page: The Inventory > Upload/Download Status page will now include a column that indicates the input source of the file. The possible values are shown below:

    • API: Rest API Bulk Upload
    • FTP: FTP Push
    • Pull: Any FTP or HTTP(S) Pull
    • Shopping: Hybrid Uploads
    • UI: Inventory Upload via UI
    • Zip: Any zip upload, UI or FTP
  • Pending Change to Backslash Handling in Inventory Uploads (Bug Fix): In the June release, we will be fixing and making consistent the way we handle the backslash (\) character. After this change backslashes in all flat file (excel, tsv, csv, etc...but not xml) upload formats will now be treated as an escape character. Some examples of how to properly use the backslash character to get are shown below:

    • Input: \' Result: ' single quote
    • Input: \" Result: " double quote
    • Input: \\ Result: \ backslash



  • Ability to Customize Sales Export Delivery Time: Sellers now have the ability to customize the delivery time of their scheduled orders exports by clicking on the Edit button next to the next run time. Details can be found on the Customized Sales Exports page.
  • Shipping Insurance and Signature Confirmation (US): Sellers can now add Signature Confirmation and/or Carrier Shipping Insurance to shipping labels purchased through ChannelAdvisor. You can read more about this feature on the  Creating Shipping Labels in ChannelAdvisor page. The shipping label feature is currently in limited release for Seller Fulfilled Prime orders only. Please submit a support case if you would like to be considered for limited access.






  • Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) Changes: FBA distribution centers (DC) in ChannelAdvisor can now be set up so that more than one FBA DC of a specific locale can exist in a single inventory pool. Example: US PID 1 has an Amazon account with FBA DC 1 and US PID 2 has an Amazon account with FBA DC 2. Previously, users would encounter an error when they attempted to pool these accounts. Now you are able to join these accounts in a single inventory pool. Included in this change is the ability to change the FBA DC name (under Inventory > Settings > Distribution Centers ) so that you can more easily identify FBA quantity in the All Products page.

    To make sellers aware of changes in FBA demand faster and have all FBA orders available for any customer service questions, we will begin pulling FBA orders more than once every 24 hours. This includes unshipped FBA orders as well. Unshipped FBA orders will be pulled in as Payment=NotYetSubmitted and Shipping Status=Unshipped. We will be converting sellers to the new behavior so be on the lookout for email communication about this change for your account. If you are interested in moving to the more frequent FBA order pull, please reach out to support@ChannelAdvisor.com. All sellers will be migrated to the new behavior with the June 13th release.
  • Amazon Best 100 Selling Products Widget (Bug Fix): Fixed a bug that was impacting the information and load time of this widget. The Amazon Best 100 Selling Products widget shows the best selling products at the top level (ex. Electronics) and sub categories (ex. Electronics > Camera & Photo) on Amazon, with information on the price of each item and which of those products you sell. To view this widget, visit the Marketplaces > Amazon > Optimization > Competitive Environment Dashboard .
  • Other Amazon Widget Updates: On our FBA and Optimization Dashboards we have added widget summaries to make reading and understanding each widget easier. The widget summary gives you a quick way to understand the trend in each graph. We have also added a dashboard level date range selector so that you have more control on what date range is shown for the widgets on that page.



  • Removal of ImageChooser Functionality for eBay Description Templates: Since eBay Active Content rules will block Javascript with an update in June 2017, ChannelAdvisor has removed the Javascript for the ImageChooser option on Description Templates . If you currently are using ImageChooser, ChannelAdvisor will render the primary image in that spot on the description template. Read more details about the upcoming eBay change on Replacing active content in eBay listings .
  • Change Link Location for ChannelAdvisor Logo on Description Templates (US): Since eBay will be blocking listings starting in September 2017 that have external links in descriptions, ChannelAdvisor has updated the "Powered by ChannelAdvisor" logo for the US locale to not link externally. All locales to support this in the coming months. You'll find more info in this eBay page .
  • New Widget – eBay Fees: One of the things that creates a surprise for sellers is when there is a spike in eBay fees. With this new widget, sellers can now watch the trends of their fees in their account. To access this widget, go to Marketplaces > eBay > Optimization > Optimization Dashboard , and look for the eBay Fees widget.

  • New Widget – eBay Detailed Seller Performance: As an eBay seller, I would like to see my eBay seller performance trends and projected performance information so that I can address problems before my eBay seller rating is affected. With this new widget, this is possible! To access this widget go to, Marketplaces > eBay > Optimization > Optimization Dashboard , and look for the eBay Detailed Seller Performance widget.

    If your widget looks like this:

    Please click on the set up authorization link to get access to this data.
  • New Widget – eBay Detailed Seller Reputation: As a seller, I want to be able to see additional detailed information about my seller performance in ChannelAdvisor. With this new widget, this is possible! To access this widget, go to Marketplaces > eBay > Optimization > Optimization Dashboard , and look for the eBay Detailed Seller Reputation widget.

    If your widget looks like this:

    Please click on the set up authorization link to get access to this data.


La Redoute

  • Character Limit Imposed on Tracking Number: We saw a rise in the number of failed shipments to La Redoute due to sellers inputting an invalid string for the tracking ID. These shipments were failing because La Redoute has a 32 character limit on the tracking ID field. To ensure our sellers are sending the correct value to La Redoute correctly the first time around, we imposed a 32 character limit on this field. If you incorrectly attempt to enter a longer string, we'll show an error so that you can rectify the mistake before we send the data to La Redoute.



  • Taxonomy Update: OTTO has released an updated list of 'Class of Goods'  – with our release on May 17th we have updated the values available to sellers to match OTTO's latest values. Sellers will have instant access to the new values without needing to take any action.



  • Taxonomy Update: With this month's release, the Taxonomy for Overstock Marketplace has been updated. Sellers are now able to use any new fields made available by Overstock. As always, you should ensure you are referencing the latest taxonomy. You can view the latest category list using the link from the Overstock template within your ChannelAdvisor account.



  • Data Model Update to v23.0: Tesco have upgraded their Data Model to v23.0 and we've updated to match their new requirements. As always, sellers should ensure, when creating new products or updating existing products, that you are using the latest values from the most recent data model. You can find the link to the latest data model at any time from the Tesco Template page in your ChannelAdvisor account or access it directly here .


Digital Marketing



  • Transcosmos Feed Template (US): The Transcosmos default feed template is now available.


Paid Search

  • Bing Final URL Migration: All Advertisers with Active Bing Ad Provider Accounts will transition to Final URL/Tracking Template usage upon this release. The Final URL / Tracking template allows advertisers to more easily manage and change Landing Page and 3rd party tracking parameters and/or custom parameters. All Active/Paused campaigns will transition to Final URL at the keyword and product group level upon their next scheduled sync following the release. Please report any questions to support@ChannelAdvisor.com.
  • New Bid History Tab: More robust bid data and change history is now available for Automated Bid Rules , Actionable Reportin g and PowerBid changes. Check it out at Digital Marketing > Marketing Management > Automated Bidding > new tab named Bidding Activity Details .


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