19 April 2017 Release Notes

Highlights in this release:

  • Amazon Vendor Central Item Creation
  • Amazon Vendor Central (US), Jet Drop Ship, Overstock Drop Ship orders supported
  • eBay Algorithmic Repricing generally available

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  • Updated Pages for Managing Users' Access to ChannelAdvisor's Platform: The Manage Users page has been updated to allow you to more easily manage the access level for each individual user in your organization and increase account security by creating unique logins for each individual user. Read more about managing users on the related SSC page.

  • Cross-Account Search: ChannelAdvisor's Global Search feature now allows you to search for information across all of your accounts. Within the search dropdown you'll see an option to Expand my search to all accounts , both when you begin a search and after you've gotten your initial results for a search within a single account. Once you select the link to expand your search, you'll be taken to a search results page where results will show for all your accounts.



  • NEW! Amazon Vendor Central Item Creation: ChannelAdvisor has expanded its Product Content Optimization capabilities to include Amazon Vendor Central Item Creation. You can now leverage ChannelAdvisor's technology to streamline new item creation for Amazon Vendor Central.

    Speak to your Sales Representative or Account Manager to hear more about these new features.



  • NEW! Amazon Vendor Central (US), Jet Drop Ship, Overstock Drop Ship orders supported: As announced at Catalyst Americas, ChannelAdvisor now supports Purchase Orders in the First Party landscape as well as adding support for Drop Ship orders. With this most recent release, we announce full support for Amazon Vendor Central Orders, in limited availability, as well as support for item creation & orders for Overstock Drop Ship and Jet Drop Ship programs.

    Speak to your Sales Representative or Account Manager to hear more about these new features.
  • New ChannelAdvisor Default Carrier/Class Combinations for UPS SurePost: New default codes have been added to support UPS SurePost:
    • UPS - SurePost 1 lb or Greater
    • UPS - SurePost BPM
    • UPS - SurePost Less than 1 lb
    • UPS - SurePost Media
    See a complete list of all supported carriers on the Shipping Carrier Options page.
  • Support for Shipping Labels for Seller Fulfilled Prime – For Limited Release (US only): Introducing support for generating shipping labels for Seller Fulfilled Prime Orders in ChannelAdvisor! At this time, this feature is open for limited release to select sellers. If you would like to be added to a wait-list, please create a case with ChannelAdvisor support. You can read more about this feature on the Creating Shipping Labels in ChannelAdvisor page.



  • Report Center Updates: In an effort to release new and improved reporting features, ChannelAdvisor has consolidated all report center features into a single location, and ended support for several legacy reports. All reports have been replaced with newer versions. For more information, please visit Report Center Changes .





  • Template Update: Several updates have been made to the AliExpress template:
    • Addition of several fields into the Automobiles & Motorcycles category
    • Removal of "Food" category
    • Addition of several new fields in the Consumer Electronics, Home, Tools, Mother & Kids, Home Improvement and Lighting categories
    As with any template update, we recommend that you check the Product Status screen to ensure that your products are not affected by any new requirements from AliExpress' latest taxonomy update.
  • Support for Cross-Selling Items within Product Description: With our latest update for AliExpress, we have added support for our sellers to showcase cross-selling items within the description of their product listings on AliExpress.

    You can activate the cross-selling module by providing a list of cross-selling items on the AliExpress template (under the Cross Sell Module section). The cross selling items can be provided at SKU level, for selected SKUs or you can provide the same cross-sell items for all your items if you wish. You can also make use of Business Rules to complete the mapping.



  • Competition Monitoring Reports: As a seller on Amazon, it is important to constantly be aware of risks to your business. This is why ChannelAdvisor offers reporting to help you monitor your competition, allowing you to take a proactive role in addressing those risks.

    The MAP Violation report allows you to monitor a set of product listings for instances of sellers offering their product for less than MAP. This allows you to understand if your competition is playing by the rules or if they are creating an unfair advantage by listing below MAP. The MAP Violation report is only available in US posting accounts.

    The Proprietary ASIN Violation report allows you to monitor a set of product listings for instances of other sellers listed on an ASIN where you expect to be the only seller. This allows you to take a more proactive approach in addressing lost sales due to potential counterfeit products.
  • Automatic Ad Management for Sponsored Products (US, UK, DE): This new feature will automatically manage the ads included in an ad group based upon filter criteria set by sellers. As products meet the defined criteria they will automatically be added to the ad group or un-paused. Ads for products that no longer meet the criteria will be paused.
  • Addition of “Do Not Compete Against” functionality for Algorithmic Repricer (except CN): The Amazon Repricer now offers the ability to specify merchants with whom you do not wish to compete. By selecting a merchant with whom you do not wish to compete, you are specifying that if the competing merchant is winning the Buy Box, your price will not be adjusted.
  • Amazon Business for the UK: As of March 28, 2017 ChannelAdvisor now supports Amazon Business for the United Kingdom, allowing sellers to offer their products to business buyers in that region.



  • eBay Returns Add message on refund closed with no money refunded: Currently we move closed refunds with no money refunded to a failed state, because no money was refunded. With this change, ChannelAdvisor will add a comment to the refund that says this case was closed with no money refunded. This will allow sellers to know they don't need to retry a refund.
  • Extended support for automotive fitment to Canada locale: ChannelAdvisor now offers fitment support for Canada. For more information on how to set this up on your eBay templates, please reference the following page .
  • Support for eBay Algorithmic Repricing – GENERALLY AVAILABLE: With this release, the eBay Repricer will be generally available for all eBay sellers to use.
  • Must Deliver By Date field now populated in orders: Must Deliver By Date field will now be populated with data we get from eBay on all orders.



  • Additional Carrier Mappings: As some of you know, the allowed values for Overstock Marketplace's Carriers sometimes conflict with the naming conventions used by our sellers and their integrated Shipping Partners.

    To reduce the complexity and to reduce the number of failed shipments to Overstock because of invalid carrier codes, ChannelAdvisor has added more Carrier Mappings for Overstock Marketplace.

    • PRESTIGE -> sent to Overstock as 7LSP
    • DHL Global Mail -> sent to Overstock as DHLGLOBL

    The addition of these mappings means our sellers' shipment updates are sent to Overstock Marketplace without failures and without the sellers needing to update any part of their integration.
  • Taxonomy Update: Overstock updated their taxonomy recently to expand the attributes available for the Jewelry category as well as other adjustments based on seller feedback across multiple categories.

    Some of these adjustments are newly required fields; you should check your Product Status page for any new requirement alerts being shown after April 19 release of the template update.

    Snapshot of changes with this update:
    • Added Fields:
      • Expeditable (shipping)
      • Fulfillment Time (shipping)
      • Hard Minimum Advertised Price
      • Soft Minimum Advertised Price
    • Removed Fields:
      • Minimum Advertised Price



  • Allow the number zero as a valid value for Per Product Shipping: With this release we will allow for zero to be sent for the Per Product Shipping fields on the Shop.com template.



  • Template Update to Support v22.01 of Data Model: Tesco upgraded their Data Model version to v22.01. ChannelAdvisor has updated to support the latest Data Model on the Tesco Template. You can download the latest version of the template here .



  • New Marketplace Available to Sellers: Tophatter, a real-time auction site, is now available to our sellers globally.

    Tophatter connects buyers and sellers around the world with auctions which are both fast and effective. With over 8 million women shoppers, their top categories include Jewelry, Home, Electronics, Apparel and Beauty.

    Tophatter is a global marketplace meaning sellers need only list their products in one locale to have their products showcased to all of Tophatter's shoppers. Tophatter is available in the following posting locales: AU, CA, CN, DE, UK and US. Sellers can choose whichever posting account is most convenient for them - no need to add a new country posting account if you already have one in the list above.

    Get more details about Tophatter and how to get started selling in minutes here .



  • The US seller's way into the China Market – Limited Release: VoyageOne makes selling in China as easy as selling in the US but delivers the high-quality shopping experience Chinese consumers have come to expect: in Chinese, with local customer service.

    VoyageOne offers the ideal, easiest path to certain ChannelAdvisor sellers: a direct pipeline into VoyageOne’s own online department store in China, Liking.

    VoyageOne takes care of everything: marketing, merchandising, pricing, technology, localization, logistics, customer service, returns, and more. And thanks to ChannelAdvisor, the technical integration is already done and can be activated essentially at the click of a mouse.

    With this month's release, the VoyageOne integration is available in a limited capacity to sellers on an invite only basis. To read more about VoyageOne, see here .


Digital Marketing



  • Gzip File Format Supported: We will now support gzip file format for file compression in addition to .zip. Outgoing Digital Marketing feeds using the file names ending with .zip or .gz to a ftp destination will be compressed.
  • Feed Status Widget Improvements: We will surface “In Process” feeds in the widget with a new status icon. To add the Feed Status widget to your Dashboard, go to Digital Marketing > Dashboard > Digital Marketing Dashboard. Click on +New Widget. Scroll or Search for “Feed Status” widget, then select.

    A description of our feed status are as follows:
    • Complete - successful delivery
    • In Process - feed is queued, pending transformation and delivery
    • Cancelled - manually cancelled feed
    • Failed - unsuccessful delivery


Paid Search

  • Update for Standard Text Ads for Google Adwords and Bing Ads: You will no longer be able to create or edit Standard Text Ads for Google Adwords or Bing Ads. Pause/Resume/Delete will still be functional. It is highly encouraged to migrate your standard text ads to Expanded Text Ads in the coming months. This ad type is supported for Google and Bing in Complete.
  • ChannelAdvisor Bing Final URL Auto Migration: Migration to Bing Final URLs will be fully automated by ChannelAdvisor Complete: all keyword and product partition destination URLs will be moved to Final URLs, tracking templates populated with our tracking, as well as full expanded text ad support. We will be slowly rolling out these changes over the next few weeks.
  • Bing - All Device Modifiers now supported at campaign and ad group level: Device bid modifiers for smartphones and tablets can be adjusted from -100% to +900%. Desktops can have their bid adjusted from 0% to +900%. You cannot exclude desktop traffic from your campaigns for Bing campaigns.



  • Feed Quality Score / Catalog Quality Score on Facebook: We will now display Facebook’s Quality Score for feed and product catalog. The catalog quality score measures how accurate, fresh and complete the data is for all products in a catalog. Having products in your catalog with quality issues will lower your catalog quality score and fixing these issues will raise it. The Quality Scores will appear on the Feed Status Widget.

    To add the Feed Status to your Dashboard, go to Digital Marketing > Dashboard > Digital Marketing Dashboard. Click on +New Widget. Scroll or Search for “Feed Status” widget, and select. To get more detail into your quality scores, click on the score. A dialogue will appear with quality score and feed details such as Summary, Property, Products impacted, Description, and list of sample skus affected.

  • Facebook Ads Local Products Feed Default Template now available: In order to participate in the Dynamic Ads for Retail program, whitelisting on Facebook is required. You also must be able to track store visits or offline conversions to participate.
  • Sync By Campaign (Added Facebook & Gemini): We can now immediately detect new campaigns on Facebook and Yahoo Gemini providers and sync individual campaigns without the wait of a complete account sync to see your changes. This functionality already exists for Google and Bing. Go to Digital Marketing > Account Settings > Provider Accounts , then click on the Sync Tools link next to Edit Provider .


Where to Buy


Where to Buy & Product Intelligence

  • Filter Reports by Retailer: Brands customers can now filter their retailer-based reports by a list of retailers.
  • Filter Reports by Model Name: Brands customers can now filter their product-level reports by a list of model names.


Where to Buy - Online

  • Share of Impressions and Share of Clicks in reports: Where to Buy Online Retailer reports now include each retailer's share of impressions and clicks for a given product or brand.
  • Top Products Dashboard Widget: Buy Online customers can add the Buy Online Top Products widget to their Dashbaords. This widget provides a quick list of the top 5, 10, or 15 products by Impressions, Clicks, and more.
  • Reports Now Include Device Type: Where to Buy customers can now add device type to their Buy Online reports.
  • Retailer Coverage Report: Where to Buy Online customers can now see which retailers are currently mapped to widgets on their Product Detail Pages, the latest price captured from that retailer, and a flag if that item was out of stock. The Retailer Coverage - Beta report can be accessed under the Where To Buy menu option.





  • Template Update: With our April update, we've added several new fields to the WebShopManager template which will allow you to configure tiered pricing on your store – directly from ChannelAdvisor. The new fields are present on the WSM template under the Pricing - Tiered tab.

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