Increasing Your Sales on Newegg

Are you selling on Newegg? If not, you should be.

Newegg is no longer just the destination for young, tech-savvy males to find gadgets. Since Newegg relaunched as a marketplace in 2010, it’s broadened in reach to become an e-commerce powerhouse. So the question shouldn’t be whether you’re selling on Newegg; it should be how well you’re selling on Newegg.

Whether you’re new to the marketplace or a seasoned vet, we’ve teamed up with the folks at Newegg to offer six of the best ways to make the most of your inventory there.


Optimize your content

With increased competition on Newegg in recent years, your products need to stand out from the pack. Start by making the most of all the product listing information you’re allowed.

Make sure your listings have a product overview that is at least 500 words, including relevant information and keywords, without repeating information or using templates. Also, ensure your product title contains information such as the brand name, model name/number and a short key feature (since most shoppers are just scanning titles anyway).

Then, add any additional videos, images, graphics or other content to both improve your SEO visibility and the overall buying experience of your customers.
Images are extremely important. Include multiple highresolution, detailed images of the products on white backgrounds.

The more information users and search engines can pull from pages with your products on them, the more engaging the interactions will be. Optimized content increases the chances of being featured on Google through Product Listing Ads (PLAs), and increases the likelihood of converting through Newegg’s digital marketing channels.


Participate in merchandising vehicles

Sometimes, your listings need a boost to find new consumers who might not actively search for them. Luckily, Newegg has numerous merchandising vehicles to choose from that can give your listings (and your sales) the bump you’re looking for, such as daily promotional emails, Daily Deals, Shell Shocker deals and a flash sale site (Newegg Flash).

Each one offers different value and promotional opportunities, so try different combinations to find what works best for your products and your audience.

Additionally, pay attention to the seasons and holidays typically associated with high sales volume (e.g., Valentine’s Day, Back to School, Halloween, Black Friday, Christmas, etc.) and experiment with promotions and products tailored to each.


Communicate with your merchandiser

As a retailer on Newegg, you have access to dedicated representatives who will work to get your products the most exposure possible. These reps can let you know about exclusive deals, products, and product launches that will increase your promotional placement and product visibility. By working with a knowledgeable merchandiser, you could potentially:

  • Determine which products are in high demand and create a plan for better product placement opportunities for special deals.
  • Develop a selling/cross-selling marketplace strategy and set goals to evaluate your success and progression.


Maintain your seller store

Your seller store on Newegg is every bit as important as your own e-commerce webstore. This little slice of real estate is the one place where you can list all your products in a centralized location and present your brand to new customers. And in the case of Newegg, that’s millions and millions of potential customers.

Keep all your listings updated and your store inviting, and you’ll increase your potential for sales.


Practice good customer service

Good customer service is a no brainer. Not only will a positive buying experience lead to loyal, repeat customers, it will increase your egg rating on Newegg.

Monitor your egg ratings and customer reviews consistently to see how customers are interacting with your products and where your reputation stands. Sellers with low ratings will not be eligible to participate in various promotional vehicles on Newegg.

Also, be mindful of voided orders, since these could also factor into your egg ratings and hurt your reputation.


Take advantage of seller programs

Newegg has a variety of additional seller programs that can help you increase your audience size and your efficiency.

For starters, let the Shipped by Newegg (SBN) program relieve any potential fulfillment stress. It allows you to use Newegg for inventory storage and shipping, as well as returns and customer service.

Or get international exposure and access to new markets with Newegg International. Other Newegg platforms include the Business Marketplace, which serves B2B needs, and Newegg Canada, which connects US and Canadian sellers to Canadian customers.

These programs are designed to help sellers grow their business with as much help from Newegg as possible.

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