Ad Testing

After you reach the point of diminishing returns in terms of creating new keywords, there are different levers you have at your disposal to help drive additional gains in your Paid Search initiative. One commonly practiced advanced tactic is Ad Copy Testing. Ad Copy Testing is the practice of experimenting with different messaging to achieve a desired result (typically increasing Click Through Rate or Conversion Rate). Here are our best practices for how you should approach Ad Copy Testing:

  1. Clearly Identify Goal
    • Are you trying to increase click through rate? Conversion rate? Setting clear and measurable goals helps to easily identify the best ad copy to meet your needs.
  2. Test One Ad at a Time in an Ad Group
    • To ensure you understand the true impact of each change, experiment with changing the headline first, the description then Display URL. Keep one ad as your control while testing changes in another ad.
  3. Collect a Large Enough Sample Size Before Analyzing Results
    • Allow your ads to run a few weeks, ensuring you have set your ads to Rotate Evenly in the Campaign Settings so that each ad will get an equal opportunity to receive traffic.
  4. Use the Ad Creative Detail report with results
    • ChannelAdvisor offers performance metrics around the ads you are running during a given time period. Navigate to Reports > Select Paid Search reports > Ad Creative Detail. Select the date range that emcopasses your test period and compare results for changes made.
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