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Webstores are the hub of an online retailing business and give sellers full flexibility for creating the type of customer experience their brand deserves. In the Strategy section we provide information to help you build customer loyalty and improve sales.

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ChannelAdvisor Webstore Strategies

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) explains how to improve your natural search rankings.
  • Expanding internationally by making your store multilingual
  • Product Selection – Consumers love selection. If they are going to spend their time looking for something online, they have an expectation they will find it (seems simple right?). How many times have you driven to 2+ stores on a weekend looking for a product to not find it.
  • Ease of Use – Webstores must provide visitors with an easy to use site.
  • Building Trust – Trust is hard to describe, because it's the culmination of many things that together give a consumer confidence to essentially turn over their credit card or other payment information.
  • Product Data – Ensure you utilize all the available categories and entities and that you intelligently assign your products so that they will be found regardless in what manner a customer will be searching for it. Consider your different clientele and under what sections they will be searching for their items.
  • Google Analytics help you better understand your buyers.
  • E-mail Marketing – Constant Contact (60 day free trial)
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