Review Digital Marketing Performance with Actionable Reporting


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What You'll Need

  • Digital Marketing (Paid Search, Shopping, etc) campaigns set up in ChannelAdvisor



1. Navigate to Digital Marketing > Marketing Management > Actionable Reporting.

2. Select the tab for the campaign element you wish to review or edit from the top of the Actionable Reporting tables.

  • Some of the tabs provide both a Performance and a Library view in a small drop-down menu. Performance will show data for the date range selected, while Library will show all elements of that type that have been created in ChannelAdvisor.
  • Some of the tabs provide options in their drop-down menus to view more detailed information, such as the Products in Groups option from the Product Groups tab.


3. Select a date range for the performance data you would like to review. 

  • This option will only appear for Performance tables; you will not have this option from Library tables.


4. Customize the columns of data you would like to review in the table.

  1. Click  Columns.
  2. In the window that opens, click the  + next to any Hidden Column to add it to the table, or click the  - next to any Visible Column to remove it from the table.
  3. Drag and drop any Visible Column to create the column order in the table. 
  4. Click  Apply Changes.
  5. In the table, drag column headings to rearrange the order of columns, and drag the borders of any column heading to adjust the width of that column.

5. Sort and Filter the data you see in the table.

  • Click on any column heading to sort data in either ascending or descending order.
  • Use the filters at the top of the columns to specify the range of data you would like to see.
  • Click Save Filter to save a combination of filters for easy use in the future. (Just select a saved filter from the available drop-down menu next time you want to use it.)

6. Make in-line edits to your campaign elements.

  • There are many options within each Actionable Reporting table to make edits as you see fit. When you hover over the results in the table, a pencil icon will appear for any cell that is editable in-line.
  • For example, to change a keyword bid:
    1. Go to the Keywords Performance table.
    2. For the keyword whose bid you’d like to change, click on the bid found within the Current Bid column.
    3. Type the new bid, and click Save .

7. Make bulk edits to your campaign elements.

  • Many tabs have options to edit several elements together.
  • For example, to pause several ad groups at the same time (perhaps at the end of the holiday season):
    1. Go to the Ad Groups Performance table.
    2. Click the box next to each Ad Group you want to pause.
    3. Click the Pause icon.


8. Don't miss any of your data!

  • Use the options at the bottom of the tables to determine how many records to see per page. 
  • Click the Next and Prev buttons to scroll through the pages of data.

9. Or, optionally export your data.

  • Exporting your data in this way is helpful if you have many records to review, or if you want to compare and/or merge the Actionable Reporting data with other reports.
  • The data you are viewing in the table can be exported into an Excel workbook. The date range and filters you apply to the table will also apply to the exported file.
    1. Click Export at the top of the table.
    2. The .xls file will download automatically, and can be retrieved from the Downloads option of your web browser. 


10. After reviewing your data, you may need to create a new campaign element.

  • You may create a brand new campaign element from the Add New button and drop-down menu.
  • The button will include the name of the tab you are viewing; for example, from the Ad Group tab, the button will say “ Add New Ad Group .” Click the button to create that new item, or click the drop-down menu arrow to the right to choose from all options.
  • For example, to create a new Ad, from any tab of Actionable Reporting:
    1. Click the arrow next to the Add New button.
    2. Click Ad under the provider for which you would like to create a new Ad.
    3. In the window that opens, specify the details of the ad, and click Save .

11. Tag your Providers and/or Campaigns to view segmented performance at a glance.

  • You may create up to 10 tags for your Providers and up to 10 tags for your Campaigns.
  • To apply tags to your providers or campaigns, click the checkbox to the left of the elements you want to tag, then click Tags . Select the tag to apply, and click Apply .
  • To create, rename or delete tags: Click the  Tags  button and drop-down menu at the top of the  Providers  and  Campaigns  tabs, and click  Manage Tags  to open the window where you can perform these actions.


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