Google Test Feed

The Test Data Feed Option allows you to debug your data feed by uploading it to the Google Merchant Center, without making these items available in the Google Shopping results. With a Test Data Feed, you can upload your data feed in order to check and fix feed errors as many times as you want. Once you are happy with the feed processing results you can upload the same file as a normal feed.  ChannelAdvisor's new feed level provider settings makes it easy to evaluate changes you have made to a new Google template by uploading it to a Google test feed, without disrupting your existing feed.  


The following topics should be reviewed before completing this task:


Tasks to Complete

You will need to make changes in both Google Merchant Center and ChannelAdvisor accounts.

In your Google Merchant Center Account

  1. Go to the Data feeds tab in Google Merchant Center.
  2. Click “New test data feed” and register a test data feed. 
data feed

In your ChannelAdvisor Account

  1. Navigate to Digital Marketing > Marketing Management > Feeds.
  2. Create a new feed by either clicking the New Feed button, or checking the box on your existing feed and clicking the Copy button.
  3. Click the name of that new feed to configure the settings.    
  4. Enter your test data feed file name, using the same ftp settings as your normal Google feed.
  5. Save your feed.
  6. Back on the list of your feeds screen, click the arrow under Actions to activate. 
  7. Check the box next to the test feed and click Submit.

In your Google Merchant Center Account

  1. From Data Feed menu, click into the status summary.
  2. In the Status column, click on the status message: "647 of 715 items inserted".   
  3. Under the Feed details, click “Download full report”.
This will generate a CSV file with identifying information at the top of the file to identify the source of the errors, followed by a table with identifying information about the individual items and their feed errors and warnings.

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