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Connexity Site Guide

Connexity's CPC Marketplace Solutions direct buyers to your site when they’re looking for information on search engines or browsing shopping content. The Connexity Network connects over 30 million highly qualified shoppers every month with over 150 million products from thousands of retailers. The products you submit in your data feed are displayed within their network of content publishers as well as their owned and operated sites such as Bizrate, Shopzilla, PriceGrabber & Become. Retailers can reach and touch customers when they’re looking for inspiration, comparing prices or ready to buy.



  • Merchant Account Registration – You will need a separate account for each country you wish to advertise in. Please note, Shopzilla is now Connexity, and its merchant pages are branded as such.
  • Category Information – You must have a merchant account created in order to view the Connexity taxonomy. Once you have an account created, you can view the full taxonomy here .
  • Connexity FAQ's – You will be prompted to log in using your Connexity username and password. If the Merchant Listing FAQ doesn't have the answer to your question, contact Connexity by clicking the Contact Us button in the upper right corner.


Connexity Taxonomy & Category Mapping

Category mapping is not required but recommended. Refer to the following information for how to transform your ChannelAdvisor inventory.

Click here to view the Connexity taxonomy . You will be prompted to enter your username and password to access the full taxonomy.

Please note: We will only send the 5 digit category code in the feed as this results in faster processing and better results.


Other Information

Site Updates – New products should appear on site within 12-24 hours from feed delivery time.

MPN, UPC or EAN – Highly recommended that you provide UPC/GTIN in the feed for all categories.

Product Level Bidding – Connexity will allow you to set bids at the product level as well as for all Subcategories. Subcategory bids will only apply when your offer does not have a product bid.

  • Target CPC bid option allows bids in any amount from $0.05 and $1.25.
  • Minimum bid is $0.05. Bids from $0.01 - $0.04 will be charged at $0.05 and $0 bids will increase to your Subcategory or Single Rate bid amount.
  • Single Rate Smart Pricing will not change.
  • Zero bids will be assigned to the subcategory bid or Single Rate $4.
    • Please note: Connexity will continue to send products with a zero bid in the feed unless you apply the ChannelAdvisor "Filter Zero Bid" rule to the Shopzilla/Connexity template
    • If you would rather remove products that you previously had as zero bid from the feed you should apply the "Filter Zero Bid" rule to the Shopzilla/Connexity template.

Promotional Messages – Can be entered directly through the Connexity Business Services portal.

Integrating Click and Cost Data – Connexity passes us cost data. To receive this data you will need to authorise them to pass it to us. This requires you to send a fax (or scanned document with a signature). Please contact your Account Manager to organise.

Product Matching – Connexity can run a report to clarify the health of a feed. If a feed isn't performing well, ask your Account Manager for a match report.

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