eBay Commerce Network

eBay Commerce Network is an eBay company, that pioneered online comparison shopping and is one of the fastest growing destinations on the Internet. Learn more about eBay Commerce Network , eBay Commerce Network UK and eBay Commerce Network AU .

eBay Commerce Network works on a Cost Per Click (CPC) pricing model. The CPC is fixed by category.



For more information about selling on eBay Commerce Network please refer to the following links:


Taxonomy & Category Mapping

Category mapping is not required but recommended. Refer to the following information for how to transform your ChannelAdvisor inventory to meet the requirements of eBay Commerce Network.


Other Information

Site Updates – You can update a feed at any time and as many times as necessary but your feed will only be automatically processed once per day. Feeds are processed around 4am each night.

Click Data – eBay Commerce Network currently does not send us click and cost data. However, they have launched a beta program in the US with the UK expected to follow shortly.

Product Matching – MPN is used to identify a product. Products without one will still display but results won't be so good. eBay Commerce Network's merchant log in area can report on the quality of a campaign.

Promotional Messages – For some categories you can add text beneath the product title. Use the Offer Text field for this.

Notes on Value Based Pricing (VBP) – eBay Commerce Network's network is massive. Send a feed to eBay Commerce Network and your products end up on some 280 sites. eBay Commerce Network introduced VBP in an attempt to maintain quality. Any site within their network that drives poor quality results will be financially penalized and any savings passed on to the retailer.

However, for them to be able identify just which traffic is poorly converting you need to install their full ROI tracker.

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