Nextag uses a Cost Per Click (CPC) pricing model. Nextag offers a variable CPC meaning the more you bid the higher up the listings you come. View current  CPC rates by category on their site.



For more information about selling on Nextag please refer to the following links:


Taxonomy & Category Mapping

Category mapping is not required but recommended. Refer to the following information for how to transform your ChannelAdvisor inventory to meet the requirements of Nextag.


Other Information

Site Updates – Typically the site updates twice a day at around 10am and 10pm. However, during the busy period, around Christmas and Sale times, this happens more frequently. Products can take between 24 to 48 hours to update.

Integrating Click and Cost Data – Nextag pass us cost data which we can display in our dashboards. To receive this data please contact your account manager and request that your account be added to the cost file for ChannelAdvisor.

Product Matching – Nextag matches products automatically based on a variety of parameters including MPN and EAN numbers. Results and issues can be viewed in their merchant dashboard.

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