International Returns with ICE Global Returns

We recently attended Catalyst Americas in Las Vegas and wanted to thank the team for another engaging conference. Cross Border Trade has more attention than ever before, with numerous speeches highlighting this vibrant area of e-commerce.

With a name like InterCultural Elements (ICE), we naturally get many enquiries from sellers about international expansion, however in recent times one inquiry has become even more acute: How can my business best deal with international returns? The topic has long been a key aspect in ensuring happy customers, but recently has been further intensified by Amazon's new requirement to provide a local returns address in each country. There are various solutions:

Pay for returns yourself

If you have a very low number of returned items, paying for them may still be the least-expensive option, but note that buyers can then exploit “free returns” to intentionally order multiple variations (e.g. sizes or colors) and return unwanted ones. This practice is particularly common in Germany.

Allow buyers to keep the item

Some sellers of lower value items choose this option for both ease and to reduce customer service time. Buyers clearly love it, but such a liberal policy can similarly be abused.         

Find separate return solutions for each country

We’ve spoken with sellers who’ve pieced together returns services country by country. Some sellers can find low costs, but watch out that time investments (e.g. researching, trial & error and stock synchronization) don’t offset your savings.  

Do nothing and get suspended on Amazon

Amazon has threatened to suspend sellers who do none of the above. No pros here.  

Use a service like InterCultural Elements’ ICE Global Returns

We solve the problem simply and cost-effectively. Here are some details:

(Click on the image to expand.) 

To further foster your international selling accounts and sales, ICE Global Returns can work hand-in-hand with our in-house, multilingual Customer Service to ensure native speaking staff tend to your growing foreign sales.

InterCultural Elements is your one-stop solution for international expansion. For more information, contact us today or why not visit us for a chat at our stand at Catalyst Europe on 23 April, 2015 where we’re proud to be sponsoring for the 8th year in a row.

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