The Feed Frontier: Tips to Expand Business with Your Product Data

You already have inventory data powering your marketplace listings, paid search campaigns or comparison shopping campaigns, but why stop there? Product data can boost your business on any e-commerce or digital marketing solution. Growth is only a Flex Feed away.

Flex feeds is ChannelAdvisor's sister component to comparison shopping (both part of ChannelAdvisor Digital Marketing) featuring the same time-tested technology and ease of use, but with the capacity to send a feed virtually anywhere. Utilize one of our partner's pre-configured templates or a completely customized product data feed to enable a diverse set of e-commerce providers, such as affiliate networks, retargeting vendors, product review platforms, video and so much more.


Flex Feed Tips

Check out the following tips on flexing your inventory from our featured feed partners:

Invodo: Video Engages, Informs and Converts Visitors into Customers

Video brings products to life and builds shopper confidence in a way that few other media can. Video consistently delivers double-digit conversion rate increases for online merchants and creates a differentiated site experience that keeps customers coming back.

Scaling a video program can be quite challenging for marketers if they don't have the right tools. Invodo, a leader in e-commerce video, leverages ChannelAdvisor Flex Feeds to enable dynamic video publishing, allowing marketers to add video player code to their site once and automatically publish video to the storefront via Invodo's platform where it's linked to product identifiers in the digital catalog.

SLI Systems: Improve the Quality of Your On-site Search & Product Feeds

Retailers no longer have a full page of "wiggle room" to get the right-site search results in front of a shopper and secure a conversion. Consumers want to find what they searched for among the first few results - especially when shopping from a mobile device.

To achieve this level of relevancy, retailers should:

  1. Use a top quality site search solution - one that is customizable and continually learns from user behavior to improve relevancy.
  2. Deliver product feeds to the site search provider in the fastest and most efficient way possible, such as with Flex Feeds.
The inevitable result is higher sales and happier customers.

Sellpoints: Leverage Flex Feed Technology to Engage Shoppers More Efficiently

By leveraging the Sellpoints Flex Feed, ChannelAdvisor partners can provide a daily automated product listing feed to the Sellpoints ecosystem to power its array of engagement solutions. Get your engaging rich media content in front of the right eyes in a more efficient and scalable manner.

Spark Conversation and Conversion with Social

You need to be everywhere your shoppers are. And increasingly, that means where the digital conversations begin: social media sites like Pinterest and Facebook. Use social media to determine which products spark interest and which products people are complaining about. Evaluate product-driven advertising, a powerful tool for retailers on social media outlets as a prosperous way to generate exposure and interact with consumers. Adding inventory information like title, price and availability to a Facebook promotion or product Pin modifies what was a simple "share" into a potent conversion tool.

Retarget and Recover Your Customer

Consumers like to shop around. Keep track of site visitors and follow up post-click with a carefully targeted ad. Retargeting ads increase brand awareness and provide a direct line back to you when shoppers are ready to buy.

Retailers often use targeted ad copy like "Come back!" or "You left something in your bag!" and sometimes use promotions to sweeten the deal. Increase conversion even more by sending a product data feed to your provider for SKU-specific retargeting. Segment visitors by which products they viewed and serve them ads with the same or similar products.

Extend Your Reach through Affiliate Networks

The world wide web is filled with publishers capturing consumers' attention. They range from coupon sites and deal aggregators to blogs, forums, and other online communities. Let these traffic drivers work for you through an affiliate network.

Affiliate networks collect and qualify publishers read to showcase your ads. Submit an inventory feed to showcase promotions and target content related to your products. When customers research products for deals and peer recommendations, you'll be right there.

Featured Flex Feed Partners



At Invodo, we believe in showing, not telling. We think consumers agree. So we help our clients create rich, interactive, visual experiences by combining the right blend of vision, creative content, and technology. The result is measurable customer engagement before and after a sale.

Learn how you can get visual at .




SLI Systems

SLI Systems enables e-commerce retailers to increase sales by connecting shoppers with the products they're most likely to buy. With proven search technology that learns from the behavior of real site visitors, SLI delivers site search, navigation, merchandising, mobile and SEO solutions and recommendations that arm retailers with the tools they need for rapid growth. SLI Systems is the most-chosen SaaS-based site search provider to Internet Retailer Top 1,000 retailers and operates on five continents.

Learn more at .


Sellpoints is an ecommerce technology provider dedicated to helping retailers and manufacturers sell more online.  They do this in three ways:

  1. They attract qualified shoppers to product pages using traditional traffic acquisition channels (SEO, PPC) as well as innovative, predictive advertising solutions.
  2. Once there, they engage shoppers with the most relevant, targeted rich media content, getting them to spend more time with products.
  3. Lastly, they track every interaction and transaction, and apply these findings to acquire more qualified traffic and drive more engagement.
Learn more at .


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ChannelAdvisor Digital Marketing - Rich Pins

ChannelAdvisor's platform can help drive your social strategy even further on Pinterest. Though you don't need a product data feed to use Rich Pins, it's far easier to have one than not. Save the extra time and effort required to modify your website and use your customizable ChannelAdvisor product feed, a far quicker alternative. Insert tracking to view traffic and conversions from Rich Pins in the ChannelAdvisor dashboard.

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