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Now that your new Shopping campaign is up and running at full speed, you should be looking for ways to stand out from your competition. Are you taking advantage of Google Merchant Promotions yet? For retailers advertising on Google, Merchant Promotions can be a strategic and low-cost way to increase conversions and visibility. What's more, with ChannelAdvisor's support for Merchant Promotions, you can save time and effort by setting up and managing them with our platform. In a nutshell, Merchant Promotions is a feature that allows you to include call-to-action information on the Product Listing Ads of your Google Shopping campaign, such as promotion codes, applicable dates, and custom promotion titles, at no additional cost to you.

What You Need to Know

By improving ad visibility, creating a sense of urgency, and providing greater incentive for customers to click, Merchant Promotions should help increase conversions. The additional messaging within the ads increases the chance for you to own the "last touch point" with customers. Instead of losing a customer who performs an additional search for "coupon code" and winds up buying from another source, for example, you could convert that customer during the original product search query directly from the ad.

Merchant Promotions appear on PLAs on both the search engine results page and If a Merchant Promotion is present, a special offer link and flag icon is displayed with the PLA, which in effect highlights the PLA and makes it stand out. If the offer is clicked on, it expands to show more information. Details like applicable dates, short and long descriptions, and coupon codes can be utilized in order to create a robust message that distinguishes you from the competition. If a coupon code is part of the promotion, the code is presented and can be copied by the customer when the offer is clicked. 

Keep in mind that Google will be more likely to display a Merchant Promotion within a PLA if the incentive provides significant value to the customer, especially when compared with the surrounding PLAs. It needs to be a special offer, and not something that runs on your site all the time. So what types of promotions can be offered? Offers like a dollar amount discount, a percentage off, free gifts, and opportunities to buy more and save more (such as "buy one, get one free") can be promoted. Free shipping for specific products can be included in Merchant Promotions if a code is required. But be careful with the types of promotions you offer: common incentives like mail-in rebates, free or discounted shipping without coupon code, price reductions of insignificant monetary value (less than $5 or 5% off), or regular price markdowns (such as a "new low price") won't be eligible for Merchant Promotions.

And don't forget - it's free! Google reports that Merchant Promotions can increase click-through rates by as much as 7%, so for no investment other than time, Merchant Promotions are an attractive option to help increase your traffic.

Manage Your Merchant Promotions

If a retailer is working with Google directly, they have to send two feeds to Google: the standard Merchant Center feed and then a Promotions feed. It can be a time-consuming process, especially since Google has detailed guidelines and requirements for promotions that, if not followed, will lead to promotions being rejected.

However, ChannelAdvisor's support of Merchant Promotions provides end-to-end support: one simple workflow for seamless creation and management of Merchant Promotions. Retailers using ChannelAdvisor for Merchant Promotions can create their Google Merchant Promotions and associate them with the correct products all within the ChannelAdvisor Complete platform. This process eliminates the need for retailers to manually generate and send a separate product feed or update their Google Merchant Center feeds. Instead, retailers can quickly and easily start and stop promotions, assign inventory, and send the feed to Google, all within the platform.

And to boot, our interface is user-friendly, and aligned with Google's requirements to ensure that your promotions are approved.

Please visit our Setting Up Google Merchant Promotions page to learn how you can get started with this feature.

What's Next?

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