What's In a Name? Best Practices for your Amazon Titles

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Your Product Titles are one of the most important data items when listing on a marketplace. This is especially true on Amazon where the components of your title are used in the Amazon search engine to help buyers locate your product. A well formed product title will improve the visibility of your product and will aid in the conversion process by reducing buyer confusion. Amazon provides a recommended format for most categories. Softlines – clothing and shoes – have the most detailed requirements since they will directly impact the buyer experience.

Additionally, based on Amazon's research for mobile and desktop users, Amazon has changed the recommended maximum Parent Title length from 150 characters to 80 characters (including spaces) to provide the optimal customer experience.

  • Clothing Titles:
    • Parent Format: [Brand] + [department/(and Special Size, if applicable)] + [product name] (i.e. Billabong Juniors Rapid Waves Dress)
    • Stand Alone or Child Products: [Brand] + [department/(and Special Size, if applicable)] + [product name] + [size] + [color]  (i.e. Billabong Juniors Rapid Waves Dress, Small, Purple)
  • Shoe Titles (Amazon has indicated to US shoe sellers that this format should be used exclusively starting February 28th, 2014)
    • Parent Products: [Brand]+[Gender]+[Product Line]+[Shoe Type] (i.e. Steve Madden Women's Bryannt Motorcycle Boot)
    • Stand-Alone or Child Products: [Brand]+[Gender]+[Product Line]+[Color]+[Shoe Type]+[Size] (i.e. Steve Madden Women's Bryannt Motorcycle Boot, Black, 8.5 M US)


How ChannelAdvisor Can Help You with Product Titles

A business rule on your Amazon template can help you build perfect titles by concatenating data from various inventory fields.


What if the Amazon Catalog has Poor Product Titles?

If you find that you are providing great title but that the Amazon catalog listing still has a poor title, let Amazon know! It is in the best interest of their catalog team that the product details are in their recommended format. When logging an Amazon case via your Seller Central, there is an issue type "Wrong Information on Product Page" which will help route your issue to the correct group for review. Provide examples, URLs and attach spreadsheets containing all of your good product information to help make the case that Amazon should use your title.

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Your rating: None Average: 4 (1 vote)