Amazon Product Retrieval

The Amazon Product Retrieval tool is designed to retrieve product data from Amazon given a list of UPCs, ASINs, or EANs. This can help supplement your product data to make it easier to match your products to Amazon's existing catalog or can be used for your own analysis purposes.

The data returned by the tool will vary and will be determined by the product's category and available information. Typically, the data includes things like Manufacturer, Feature Bullet Points, Brand, Title , as well as child items, Color, Size and MPN. The tool will return an ASIN.

Additionally, the tool will return the Amazon Sales Rank and its corresponding Category . Sellers have indicated that they find this information useful for product sourcing and reordering analysis. A product may be in more than one category on Amazon and the tool will export the results as SalesRank1, Category1, SalesRank2, Category2. For example, an iPhone charger may have a Sales Rank of 35 in the Cell Phone Accessories category and a Sales Rank of 86 in the Consumer Electronics category. Please note that the Sales Rank and its corresponding Category (e.g. SalesRank1, Category1) will appear next to each other in the export file, but other occurrences of a Sales Rank and Category (e.g. SalesRank2, Category2) may appear later in the file results.

The tool will NOT return a UPC or an EAN value or a product Image suitable for listing on Amazon. Sellers are responsible for obtaining this information from the manufacturer or other valid source. Please visit the ChannelAdvisor partner page for companies that provide this service.


How to Use the Amazon Product Retrieval Tool


Requesting the File

  1. Make sure that your feed is active. You can review the status in your Amazon Settings ( Amazon Marketplace > Settings > Amazon Settings ), in the Status column.

  2. Navigate to Marketplaces > Amazon Marketplace > Tools > Product Retrieval Tool .
  3. Upload a File
    • Create a tab-delimited text file or .csv file that contains a column with a list of UPCs, ASINs, or EANs. Click Choose File and select it.
  4. Specify which identifier is contained in the file (UPC, ASIN, or EAN.)
  5. Specify which column in the spreadsheet has that identifier.
  6. Select whether or not your file has a "header" row as the first row of the spreadsheet.
  7. Click Run Report.

  8. Depending on the number of SKUs you have requested, the process may take some time. A message will display in the Message Center when the file is ready.


Viewing the File

When the file is ready, click the link provided in the message to download it.

The file is a self-extracting executable. Run the executable and select the location where you wish to extract the .txt file. The file can then be viewed in Microsoft Excel or the program of your choice.

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Your rating: None Average: 1.6 (32 votes)