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In Mid-2010 Amazon transformed their Clothing & Accessories Store, or category.  The main purpose of this transformation was to improve the buyer's experience and focus on the products being offered.  From a seller perspective this change split apart how you submit clothing items compared to shoe and handbag items. 

In February of 2012 Amazon released an updated version of its Shoe, Handbag, Eyewear and Accessory Category for US Sellers with a hard cut-over date for adoption of   August 1, 2012.   Upgrading to the new template will allow you to use Item Type Keywords (ITKs) and product attributes that will improve the customer search and browse experience and ultimately help customers find products more easily on

In August of 2013, in an effort to ease discoverability of Apparel Outerwear listings, Amazon updated their Browse Tree Guide (BTG) to sell Outerwear through the Clothing Accessories & Luggage category.  This update included new, more specific ITKs and refinements for outerwear activity types, which will impact how and where customers locate these products.  For example, with this update, classification for a women's  faux fur coat would use the ITK of  “faux-fur-outerwear-coats," whereas before the update the more generic "outerwear" ITK would have been used.   Additionally, for men’s and women’s Active & Performance outerwear, Sellers can specify the sport_type attribute in order to make it clear which sport (e.g., running, skiing, snowboarding) the outerwear would be suitable for.



You should be familiar with the following topics before continuing:



Strategy for Clothing Products


Required Information

The following is a list of all required fields and some best practices for their usage:

  • Title The Amazon Clothing category is continually looking for ways to improve the overall customer shopping experience. Based on its research for mobile and desktop users, in 2013 Amazon changed the maximum Parent ASIN Title length from 150 characters to 80 characters (including spaces) to provide the optimal customer experience. When updating or creating new titles, please follow these guidelines:
    • Format of Titles for Parent ASINs of Variation Products: [Brand] + [department/(and Special Size, if applicable)] + [product name]
    • Format of Titles for Stand Alone or Child Products: [Brand] + [department/(and Special Size, if applicable)] + [product name] + [size] + [color]
  • Item Type Keyword (ITK) - An Item Type Keyword replace Clothing Type and Style Keywords in the older format. It is a single term used to identify your products and can be found in Amazon's Clothing & Accessories Browse Tree Guide (BTG). Item Type Keywords should be sent exactly as they are written in the BTG, all lower case and separated by hyphens. There is only one ITK per SKU.  When selecting an Item Type Keyword, use the most detailed keyword possible as it will inherit all of the attributes of those above it in the same section - the further an ITK is indented, the more detailed it is. Identifying the correct ITK for your products is the most important change, and potentially most time intensive part of moving over to the new feed format.
  • Department - This is the department the product can be found - eg. men's, women's.
  • UPCs - UPCs are required for all major brands. If you are a manufacturer or have white label apparel,  you may consider applying for Amazon's Brand Registry program to obtain a UPC exemption. If you are approved for this program, you may be asked to provide a MPN or Style Number as the unique, identifying attribute for your product.
  • Color
  • Size

Adding a Size Chart to your Apparel Listings

Amazon will upload a brand specific "Size Chart" for Clothing items. A link for the chart will show next to the size option on the listing page. A seller can request Amazon to create or update a size chart for a brand. The request is addressed by the Amazon Catalog Team and the process is the same for and


  1. Update the size chart template .
  2. Open a support case with Amazon, attach the chart and indicate that the request is for the Catalog Team.
  3. The Amazon Catalog Team will make the size chart after reviewing the template to the brand specified by the seller.


Product Classification Information

Once you have identified the appropriate Item Type Keyword and Department for your products, you will also need to identify the are secondary fields recommended to further classify each product.  For example, for a Men's Shirts & Tees the requested additional fields are sleeve type, neck style, pattern type.  The list of additional fields per department and product combination can be found in the apparel flat file under the tab for "Optimizing Attributes".  The tab of "Valid Values" will provide all appropriate values that can be submitted for many of the fields.  ChannelAdvisor has all fields available in the template and the blue tool tips show the most current list of valid values.

New Highly Recommended or Desired Attributes

  • apparel closure type (for example, button fly for jeans)
  • belt style (for example, western)
  • bottom style (for example, bikini)
  • sleeve type (for example, short-sleeve)
  • collar type (for example, boatneck)

Image Requirements

Product images for the website must meet the following requirements, note the additional requirements for Clothing:

  • JPEG (.jpg), TIFF (.tif), or GIF (.gif) format; JPEG preferred.
  • Image must be a photograph. No line drawings permitted.
  • No animated images.
  • No borders, text (other than the text on the product itself), watermarks, or information that leads away from (such as a URL).
  • The product fills around 80% of the total image size.
  • Plain white (hex #ffffff) background.
  • 72 dots per inch resolution.
  • At least 500 pixels on each side - for Clothing images, at least 1001 pixels on each side - 3000 pixels permitted.
  • To activate zoom: between 1280 and 3000 pixels on the longest side; to take full advantage of zoom we recommend at least 2560 pixels on the longest side.
  • For Clothing, all color variation child SKUs must have a main image representative of the specific color of the variation.
  • sRGB color mode.
  • 8 bits per channel.
  • PC or Mac format.
  • Gift images (used to show gift wrap) must be 71x71 pixels.
  • Your store logo image must be a 120x30 pixel image.
  • No spaces in the file names.
  • Some non-alphanumeric characters are not supported in file names. These include: "[", "]", "*", "<", ">", "?", ":", "|"




For additional information on helpful hints for your business in the Amazon Clothing & Accessories Store, please review the following in Seller Central Help:

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