Luggage, Bags and Backpack Category for Amazon Canada, UK and Europe

The Amazon Luggage, Bags & Backpacks category offers a wide selection of travel-related products including suitcases, backpacks, school bags, gym bags and travel accessories.


This category is available to the following Amazon marketplaces:

  • Amazon Canada ( - Gated category and requires approval for listing. Please visit the Amazon Canada Services page to request approval.
  • Amazon UK (
  • Amazon Germany (
  • Amazon France (
  • Amazon Italy (
  • Amazon Spain (

 Sellers on in the US should continue to use the Apparel category template which contains the necessary fields for listing these products:


Adding the category in ChannelAdvisor:

  1. Access your Amazon > Settings
  2. Edit the Categories selection
  3. Check the box for the Luggage Category
  4. Access your Amazon > Templates to view and map your template


Product Types

The template provides refining attributes in the following product types:

  • Luggage


Required and Highly Recommended Fields

Please refer to the Amazon Luggage Inventory File Template in the Amazon marketplace local that you plan to list. The Amazon document will provide the definitive listing of which fields are required, preferred and optional and will contain the Valid Values for many of the fields. Below is a summary of the fields that Amazon has indicated are important to listing in this category:

  • Product Type (REQUIRED)
  • Title (REQUIRED)
  • Brand (REQUIRED)
  • Product Identifier (REQUIRED) - UPC or EAN or GCID
  • Image - (REQUIRED)
  • Browse Node / Item Type Keyword - The category's browse node leaf (REQUIRED)
  • Variation Theme - Describes the parameter(s) by which the parent product may vary. For example, a product may vary by color
  • Color & Color Map - The actual and standardized color of the product
  • Item Weight - The weight of the product
  • Volume Capacity - The volume of the bag or suitcase
  • Model Number - The model number of the product
  • Style Name - Specify the style of the product
  • Model Name - Provide the model name as described by the manufacturer
  • Department Name - The department associated with the product
  • Material Type - Type of material the product is made from
  • Number of Wheels
  • Features
  • Warranty Description

While many of the above fields are not required, keep in mind that more detailed attribute information you give for your products, the better chances your product has to surface for a potential buyer.


Variations by Product Type

 The following Variation Themes are supported:

  • Size
  • Color
  • Size-Color


 Best Practices for Product Titles:

To ensure optimal visibility for your products in the Amazon store, Amazon recommends the following formats for your product titles. Correctly formatted product titles are important because Amazon uses the values in your title in Search so that buyers can locate your products.

  • Suitcases and Travel Bags : <Brand Name> + <Style Name> + <Model Name>  + <Item Length> + <Volume Capacity> + <Color Name> + <Model Number>
  • Luggage Sets: <Brand Name> + <Style Name> + <Model Name>  + <Number of Items> + <Color Name> + <Model Number>
  • Travel Accessories: <Brand Name> + <Style Name> + <Model Name> +  <Model Number>
  • All Other, School Bags, Backpacks & Messenger Bags: <Brand Name> + <Style Name> + <Model Name>  +  <Volume Capacity> + <Color Name> + <Model Number>

Additional best practices:

  •  Limit your title to 80 characters for the best display on a buyer's mobile device.
  • Capitalize the first seller of each word
  • Write numbers in figures ("2" instead of "two")


Additional Information:

Please visit your Amazon Seller Central account to view the Inventory File Template, Browse Tree Guide and the Luggage Style Guide.

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