eBay Global Shopping Program (GSP)

As a retailer, you want to get your products in front of as many potential consumers as possible. And in today’s e-commerce landscape, that increasingly means international consumers. Cross-Border Trade is one of the hot topics at the moment. And with ChannelAdvisor’s integration with the Global Shipping Program (GSP) on eBay, now in 60 countries and counting, selling internationally is easier and more secure than ever.

Why use the GSP on eBay?

  • It’s easy: Any GSP-eligible items are automatically listed for your international buyer to see, and the international shipping is handled by the Global Shipping Program.
  • It’s flexible: Choose which items or countries you want to sell through the GSP with just a click.
  • It’s accurate: The GSP automatically calculates the international shipping and import charges and displays them with the listing.
  • It’s low risk, high reward: There is no additional fee for participating in the GSP, but the potential revenue in new international markets is vast.
  • It’s popular: Over 50 million items are available through the GSP each month and climbing. That’s 26% of the total items on eBay. If you’re not using the GSP, your competition certainly is or may soon be.
  • It's safe: Your seller feedback is protected in the event of damage or loss in the international stage of delivery, and you are eligible for five-star ratings when you meet certain criteria.

How to Use the GSP on eBay

For sellers that qualify for the program, all eligible listings are automatically included in the GSP through the ChannelAdvisor platform. Here’s how it works:

  1. List your product on eBay through ChannelAdvisor.
  2. Your product sells to an international buyer in an eligible country.
  3. You ship the product to a US or UK shipping center.
  4. International shipping experts manage the international shipping and customs process and send the product to the buyer.

The GSP will also handle customs, value-added tax (VAT) and international logistics for you. You focus on listing and selling your products. To get a sense of the process, test out the GSP on just a handful of your popular products and expand from there.

A First-Rate Buyer Experience

Cross-border trade can sometimes be just as scary for a buyer as a seller. The GSP makes the experience easy for both. International buyers see the total shipping and import costs of each GSP-eligible product, an estimated delivery date and a guarantee from the Global Shipping Program ensuring the accuracy of both. The Global Shipping Program has gone to great lengths to make sure that buyers know there will be no extra shipping costs, no import charges or any other hidden fees that they’ll be required to pay upon the product’s arrival.

Global Shipping Made Easier

Never again will you have to ask yourself, “Is my product eligible for international shipping?” The Global Shipping Program does the work for you. To expand its reach to more buyers worldwide, eBay will begin making listings for US retailers available for the GSP without requiring sellers to manually enroll in the program. Buyers in ten English-speaking countries are now shown international shipping options on listings that don’t already specify international shipping (more countries will be added later). This change applies to sellers that aren’t already enrolled in the GSP or those enrolled without a significant amount of listings enabled. Sellers can still specify regional, buyer or country exclusions if needed. Sellers can also choose to sell to buyers in any of the other 54 countries currently supported by GSP through My eBay.


You can find further information on dedicated pages directly on eBay:

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