Improving eBay DSRs – Detailed Seller Ratings

eBay Detailed Seller Ratings provide more details about an eBay member’s performance as a seller. Five stars is the highest rating, and one star is the lowest. These ratings do not count toward the overall Feedback score and they are anonymous. That means that sellers can't trace detailed seller ratings back to the buyer who left them. Detailed seller ratings from the same buyer are counted in the same way as Feedback. Only one every week is included in the seller's score.




Tips for a better buying experience

To maintain high ratings and stand out as a top seller, try these tips to create offers your buyers can’t refuse. Click the links to see the full details of each tip. See the follong eBay DSR Help Information page for additional details:


Specify flat-rate shipping

If eBay doesn't know who the buyer is (i.e. they’re not logged into the site), then eBay is not able to display a shipping rate.

  • Specify shipping no matter what – or the unrecognized buyer will see no shipping rate, placing your product low in Best Match search results.
  • Enable flat-rate shipping to offer the lowest practical price and make it very clear to the buyer what they’ll be paying. 

To streamline this process, ChannelAdvisor Complete’s shipping calculator provides granular flexibility by geography and zip code. In addition, international shipping rates can be calculated on-the-fly if someone purchases from outside the U.S.


Clearly communicate shipping details “above the fold”

Set clear, consistent expectations for customers and give visibility into your shipping policies.

  • Buyers read eBay listings from the top down. Placing this information high lets the buyer who’s concerned about shipping and handling get the information right away.
  • A link at the top of your eBay ad should take the buyer to the bottom of your listing for embedded shipping details. 

A flexible solution such as ChannelAdvisor includes an ad template system that lets you build consistent content across all of your product listings with a fully customizable design that can be updated instantly.


Provide 2-3 distinct shipping options

Some buyers are extremely price-sensitive about shipping and others just want to receive their item as quickly as possible.

  • Spell out the default shipping option while offering both express shipping and slower options. 
  • Help buyers to understand the trade-off between money and time.

ChannelAdvisor Complete lets you specify these options easily in your ad template and in eBay fields and then allows you to easily distribute these options across products.


Call out international shipping information

Sellers who have international buyers tend to have a .5 lower shipping and handling DSR. Across the board, it’s particularly difficult for sellers to exceed expectations here.

  • If your products cater to international buyers, set expectations early, but keep details concise and easy to read. 
  • Spell out options for international customers, as well as time tables for delivery. 

More advanced solutions like ChannelAdvisor Complete offer a flexible third-party shipping calculator that allows you to specify shipping rates by region. If you ship internationally, your solution provider should have a comprehensive international eBay offering and an international presence to provide the thought leadership you need to succeed.


Provide a clear, easy-to-understand return policy

Even though a buyer may not be looking for return policies when they’re making a purchase, we’ve found that just knowing that you have a return policy can improve DSRs. It establishes trust with the buyer upfront – so they know that you’ll take care of them in the event that a sale goes awry.


Provide and communicate discounted, combined shipping and checkout processes

Offering multiple-item orders, aggressive shipping rates and instructing customers on how to pay and how shipping is calculated are all waysnyou can increase average order values while fulfilling expectations for shipping and delivery.

For maximum control, ChannelAdvisor Complete supports shipping discounts with each listing as well as a comprehensive range of promotional checkout capabilities so your customers can redeem discounts upon checkout.


Amp up your customer service

One of the keys to win favorable DSRs from customers is to set expectations and communicate them clearly immediately upon purchase. Product purchase, item shipment and payment should be followed by personalized e-mails to keep buyers informed. A comprehensive solution should send buyers automated e-mails throughout the entire shopping process. In addition, ChannelAdvisor Complete makes it easy to capture your buyer’s contact information so you can e-mail newsletters and promotions to build a long-lasting and profitable relationship.


Consider free shipping as an option

We advise you to test this strategy, but don’t simply offer expedited shipping and make it free. Instead, use a slower option like 2nd Day Air, make it your free shipping option and offer another expedited option with a significant markup. Many sellers are able to negotiate favorable 2nd Day Air or Ground Rates to help compensate. If you employ this strategy, you’ll also need to back it up with great communication and customer service.


Communicate to your customers early and often

In all ad templates and customer e-mails, suggest five stars and include tracking numbers in your shipping notifications. Remind buyers often that leaving fours, while perceived as “good” from a buyer’s perspective, will hurt your ratings and that you expect fives for strong customer service.


Leave feedback first

Instead of leaving positive feedback after a transaction, be proactive and give the buyer positive feedback when the item ships and you have received payment. In the communication you can say, “Please let me know if you’re not going to leave me positive feedback (or five stars).” If for some reason you receive negative feedback, investigate immediately to find areas for improvement. For example, after each transaction. ChannelAdvisor Complete will automatically leave feedback for your buyers so you can spend your time elsewhere. It’s also easy to keep manual control over how and what feedback is left.


Make friends with multi-quantity fixed price

Historically, sellers have placed one listing for each item they want to sell – but recent Finding 2.0 changes incorporating de-duping and a 10-item limit per seller/per page of search results have complicated the eBay listing process. If you’re not careful, items you intend to list as unique may be mistaken as identical items and de-duped. Furthermore, these changes destroy a seller’s ability to saturate particular search terms. Use multi-quantity fixed price (MQFP) to prevent being spread thin over multiple search results pages. Progressive e-commerce solutions like ChannelAdvisor Complete fully embed this functionality into their posting template, making it easy to adopt this new strategy and appear more often.

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