Revive Flatlined eBay Sales

So you’ve been selling on eBay for a while, your products are priced competitively, your images are up to date, you have good product information and good seller ratings — but your sales have become stagnant and you’re not sure what to do. We’ve put together six quick tips to help you breathe some life back into your eBay sales. 

1. Have you considered eBay’s Global Shipping Program

EBay ist offering their Global Shipping Program (GSP) to US and UK sellers for now. To start using it, you can opt-in through My eBay by selecting “Offer International Shipping with the Global Shipping Program.” You’ll ship to a domestic address then eBay will take care of the rest.

It’s an easy way to expand your customer base with no investment or complex process changes; the additional shipping and customs costs are paid by the buyer, and the logistics are covered by eBay. Even if you ship internationally yourself, this is an additional option you can extend to buyers without a lot of risk.

2. Have you offered free shipping?

Not only is free shipping more attractive to buyers (often buyers will pick a higher-priced product because it ships free, even if the net cost of the other product with shipping is the same), it also improves your Best Match search results ranking on eBay. Consider offering free shipping during a trial period, so you can test the results. Use the ChannelAdvisor Revise Listings feature to detect the changes and update your listings, making it easy to run a test to see how offering free shipping affects your sales

3. Are your titles properly optimized?

Maybe you put in the due diligence to research the best product titles when you started listing, or maybe you’ve never had the time. Either way, title optimization is a great way to improve your search rankings and results. We also find that many sellers never lengthened their titles when eBay moved the title character limit from 55 to 80 characters. To take advantage of your full 80 characters and to capture key information, we recommend a sequence such as brand – gender – type – style – size – color – condition.

Use words such as “original,” “official” or “genuine” in your title to reassure the customer (assuming that they’re accurate). Similarly, including “From [Your Seller Name]” can increase your brand visibility and build trust with consumers. Lastly, eBay allows you an extra 55 characters in subtitles. Use your subtitle to add additional information, such as seasonal promotions or delivery offers.

Note: eBay will demote results that have words in the title that are irrelevant to the shopper; for example, calling the item “New” in the title instead of selecting “New” in the Condition field and using keywords of other related products to get more search hits. When you focus on an appropriate and properly optimized title for your product you’re going to get the best overall results.

4. Are you populating all applicable item specifics?

If you haven’t looked at which item specifics are available in your category lately, it’s time to revisit this because they’ve changed over time. Item specifics power the browse navigation on eBay and are great resources for shoppers who like to drill down and refine the listing results shown. If you aren’t sure which item specifics are available in your category, you can use eBay’s Item Specifics Lookup Tool, found on the Developer Network (anyone can create a login for this tool to join). Invest time building out the data for item specifics in the categories you sell in and provide more ways for buyers to find your products.

5. Are you using variation listings?

With variation listings, you group variations of products under a parent listing to give the listing more heft. For example, if you have a product that is available in blue and red, and you’ve sold two blue and three red, the parent listing of the item will show that you’ve sold five total, giving it more gravitas in search results. Making this change also creates a more streamlined buying experience, boosting your chances of conversions.

6. Reset your sales history

There is a lot of competition in the market, you’ve already optimized a product as much as possible and you still aren’t getting many sales. You’re in a rut. Maybe you should clean the slate by resetting your sales history. Just submit the item without allowing relist (an option that’s always available) and it will list as a clean, new listing with no reference to any previous history.

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