eBay Reinstatement Efforts for Suspended Sellers

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Over the years, eBay has introduced new policies and has become more strict about policy enforcement in general.  It is extremely important to remain compliant in order to avoid risk of suspension and loss of sales.  

If your seller account has been suspended by eBay, follow these steps to request an appeal.  

How to Appeal a Suspension

should have received an email from eBay to explain the reason for the suspension and what actions are needed for reinstatement.  You can also find this message in My eBay.

Determine Why You were Suspended 

There are 2 primary reasons for suspension: 

  1. Non-payment of eBay fees (usually addressed by updating your credit card info on eBay) 
  2. Violation of eBay's rules and policies  -- this article will focus on suspensions due to rules and policy violations.  

Evaluate Your Selling Practices

Review your customer metrics in ChannelAdvisor or My eBay to ensure that you are addressing any issues leading to negative or neutral buyer feedback, poor Detailed Seller Ratings (DSRs) , or Buyer Protection Cases in the Resolution Center .  Details on the requirements for seller performance can be found here

Create a Plan of Action

Create a Plan of Action to outline the steps you will take to correct the problem(s) that eBay identified in the suspension notice or that you identified in Step 2. Providing a precise Plan of Action that effectively addresses the problems improves the chance that your selling privileges will be reinstated.  You may also want to offer to accept listing restrictions if the account can be reinstated.  Make sure to answer questions like: 

  • How are you going to correct open issues?  
  • How will you prevent them in the future?  
  • Is there a possibility of further issues to surface?

Important -  To have the best chance of success, your plan must address the  specific concerns that eBay has raised in their suspension notice.

Respond to Your Suspension Notice

Once you have created your Plan of Action, respond to the suspension notice you received with a detailed account of what went wrong and what exactly has been done to correct these issues.  

Beware of Fake Account Suspension Notices 

eBay warns sellers of spoof (fake) email notices about account suspension.  To confirm that an email was sent from eBay, check your messages in My eBay. If you can't find the same email you received at your regular address in your inbox in My eBay Messages, it's likely not from eBay.

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