eBay Motors Fitment Update – Master Motorcycle List

*Note* This tutorial references a previous change event, however the steps to correct fitment is the same. 

We recently became aware that eBay has made changes to its Master Motorcycle Lists (MML). If you are listing using manual fitment you’ll need to update your existing fitment information to reflect these changes. If you do not update fitment your products may list without fitment data or, in some cases, not at all. Any new products will also need to follow the format of the new MML.

The following guide will help you understand the changes to the MML and how to update your data to match the new MML. It's not uncommon for eBay to update the MML so it's a good idea to keep this guide handy . We've also learned that eBay will likely add 1400 new models on April 15th, the majority being 2012 and 2013 models. Make sure you pull the most recent fitment data from eBay’s website . This guide focuses on fitment for Power Sports/Motorcycles.

Note: In an effort to accommodate new and existing customers, we have included some basic fitment information. Please feel free to move through the guide at your own pace; just watch for bold text as it highlights potential issues important to all sellers.

Click below to download our tip sheet:



You should be familiar with the following topics before continuing:

  1. Supported Categories for eBay Fitment
  2. eBay Parts Compatibility – US Specifications
  3. Working with eBay Item Specifics


What is the Master Motorcycle List?

The Master Motorcycle Lists is the list of motorcycles that eBay uses to populate their fitment tables. When you supply fitment data to eBay through ChannelAdvisor it must be submitted in a specific format and it must match the values found in the eBay Master Motorcycle Lists (MML). Essentially, the MML is the naming convention for each motorcycle your parts may fit.


How does it work?

ChannelAdvisor requires fitment be imported in a specific format. This format divides the Year, Make, Model and Sub-Model. It also allows you to add notes about each motorcycle. When you upload your fitment information it must be in the following format: YEAR|MAKE|MODEL |Sub-Model::NOTES. Each line of fitment should be separated with double carets (^^). Here is an example of a single line of fitment and multiple lines:





CB750 Super Sport Stator

1977| Honda| CB750| Super Sport:: Will fit 1976, but is black instead of chrome


CB350 Super Sport Stator Cover

1969| Honda| CB350 | Super Sport^^1970| Honda| CB350| Super Sport^^1971| Honda| CB350| Super Sport^^1972| Honda| CB350| Super Sport^^1973| Honda| CB350| Super Sport^^

Note: Some customers may have used another method to create their fitment that uses line breaks instead of double carets (^^). While this works to UPLOAD your data to ChannelAdvisor, it cannot be exported properly from ChannelAdvisor. Changes must be made inside the ChannelAdvisor software or in your inventory file. If you need to EXPORT your fitment from ChannelAdvisor to update the fitment values, and you used line breaks to format your fitment, you'll need to contact support to have fitment converted to the double caret (^^) format.

If you're unsure which format you used log into ChannelAdvisor and look at the Fitment attribute under Inventory > All Products. Fitment entered using line breaks will appear like the image below:


What did eBay Change?

To see the changes eBay made, you’ll need to export the new MML and the Cosmetic and Material Changes file found at eBay. Initial review shows eBay deleted 1712 motorcycle variations, added around 12500 new motorcycle variations and made countless changes to their existing motorcycle variations. The changes are mainly to Model and Sub-Model. It appears that most changes centered on cleaning up the naming conventions. For instance, the Ducati Mark 3 Desmo changed from Ducati| Mark 3|250 Desmo to Ducati| Mark 3 Desmo| 250 .

To download the MML please visit eBay's Parts Compatibility Listings . Make sure you download both the March 2013 Master Motorcycle List and the Cosmetic and Material Changes for March 2013 Update .


How do I update my fitment?

There are several different ways to update your fitment; most sellers will likely export their fitment from ChannelAdvisor and use the Find and Replace feature in Excel to replace the values that have changed.


Tasks to Complete

Complete the following steps related to this task.


Attain the eBay Master Motorcycle Lists

Download and open the MML. We are also supplying you a supplemental guide that shows the previous MML data as compared to the new MML. This should only be used as a guide. When updating your data please use the data found in the official eBay MML.  The MML Changes 2013 Document will show the new and old data, side by side. This will allow you to see the values and how they have changed. You can use this document to determine what values to change, then use the eBay MML Document to make your changes. The Cosmetic and Material Changes file that eBay provides will also supply this information; however it’s not as easy to see how the data changed.


Export Your Existing Inventory

Ensure you used double carets to format your fitment. If you did not, stop this process now and contact support to request a conversion .

  1. From Inventory > Products > All Products, clear any filters (top right side of the page).
  2. From Inventory > Products > All Products, select Export All Items from Inventory View.
  3. Select Custom Export.
  4. Select the fields you would like to export. At the minimum you will need SKU, and your Fitment Attribute. We strongly suggest including title and any identifiers that will help you match your products to the MML.
  5. Select Export in the top right corner.
  6. To verify the file exported, from Inventory > Products > Upload/Download Status, click  the file name.


Update your Fitment

  1. Open the MML and review the changes, identify the changes that affect your SKU's.
  2. Open the spreadsheet that you exported, update your existing fitment to match the new MML. We suggest cutting and pasting values whenever possible. Your fitment must match the new MML for eBay to accept your fitment values. From inside Excel you can use the Find and Replace option to make changes in bulk. Always double check your work against the MML.


Upload Your Updated Fitment

  1. From Inventory > Products > Upload a File, 
  2. Remove any QTY fields from your spreadsheet if the QTY has changed since you exported the file.
  3. Follow on screen instructions to upload the file.

Once done, you should see your fitment update at eBay if the listing is eligible for update. If you do not see the change right away, it should appear with the product relists. It’s also a good idea to make sure you have enabled the Automatic Revisions feature found under your eBay Settings.

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