eBay Top Rated Plus Requires 30-day Money Back Return Policy

 eBay requires that sellers offer a 30-day money back return policy to maintain their Top Rated Plus discount and seal. eBay UK sellers have a similar requirement for maintaining their eBay Premium Service discount. The below instructions can be used to make any needed changes to returns information in bulk. The same instructions can also be used for making changes to payment or shipping information in bulk.

Note: Instructions will be different for sellers who are using Business Policies and sellers who are not.


How do I know what templates I'm using?

Go to Marketplaces > eBay > Product Mapping > Posting Templates and view the Version column.


Instructions for “Legacy Fields” Version

  1. In ChannelAdvisor, click into each posting template and scroll down to the Selling Preferences > Return Policy section.
  2. Make the needed changes.
  3. Save and Exit.

Please make sure to make the change on all posting templates.

ChannelAdvisor’s Revise Listings feature will automatically push the update to all listings. Please make sure to monitor for revision errors ( Marketplaces > eBay > Performance > Listing Errors ) which will appear as eBay Status: Listed and Severity: Error.


Instructions for “Business Policies” Version

  1. Sign into eBay.
  2. Go to My eBay > Account > Business Policies.
  3. For each return policy, make the needed changes.
  4. Save.

No changes are needed in ChannelAdvisor. eBay will automatically push the change to all live listings using that Return Policy.


Common Questions

Q: I have a lot of posting templates to change – is there any way to make it faster?

A: Support can assist with this. Just make the changes to one posting template and then contact Support . Please make sure to include the name of the posting template that the change appears on.

Q: I made the change on my business policies in eBay, but my business policies in ChannelAdvisor still show a return policy of 14 days.

A: This is expected and normal. The details that ChannelAdvisor displays for business policies on the posting template and the main Business Policies page (Marketplaces > eBay > Settings > eBay Settings > Business Policies) do not reflect the current business policy settings on eBay. Instead, they are a snapshot of what the business policies looked like when we last checked with eBay (every 24 hours). The business policy details that appear in ChannelAdvisor are for display purposes only – when a change is made to a business policy in eBay (for example, 14 days to 30 days returns), eBay immediately makes that change to all eBay listings using that business policy.

Within 24 hours, you should see the business policy details in ChannelAdvisor update. However, if you want to force that change immediately, you can go to Marketplaces > eBay > Settings > eBay Settings > Business Policies and click on Import Business Policies.

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