Advanced Strategies

In this section you will find advanced paid search strategies that the ChannelAdvisor Digital Marketing internal services team utilizes to effectively manage full service campaigns. 

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Scaling your Paid Search Campaigns

 Scaling your Paid Search campaigns can be achieved by executing a combination of the tasks below:

  • Adding new keywords
  • Increasing the bids/positions on your existing keywords
  • Expanding the distribution of your ad (to different Networks or Providers)
  • Increasing your Budgets

Keep in mind that building out new keywords, increasing bids, and expanding to new Networks will not only scale out your Revenue, but it will also scale out your Marketing Cost.  It is extremely difficult (if not impossible) to scale your campaigns and keep your Effective Revenue Share (ERS) flat.  You will be taking action without knowing how these different initiatives will perform.  In addition to that, Bid Managers take time to collect data and take action on your keywords.

Improving the Profitability of your Paid Search Campaigns

Improving the profitability of your Paid Search campaigns can be achieved by executing any one or combination of the tasks below:

  1. Adjust your Bid Rules
  2. Powerbid Under Performing Keywords
  3. Use Ad Copy to Increase Quality of Traffic
  4. Pausing Under Performing Networks
  5. Implement  Ad Scheduling
  6. Implement  Geo-Targeting
  7. Analyze Current  Match Type Strategy

When improving the profitability of your Paid Search campaigns, you must remember that you are effectively limiting your exposure through this channel and will almost certainly see a decrease in Revenue in addition to the decrease in Marketing Cost.  The goal here is to obviously make the decrease in Cost much greater than the decrease in Revenue.

Best Practices for Google Search

 As retailers continue utilizing the new Google product-related functionality, we recommend keeping in mind the following: 

  1. Social Sites  - With real-time updates now available in natural search results, social marketing efforts will have echo effects on search engine optimization.  
  2. Product Listing Ads -  This highly targeted ad contains images, titles, pricing and the merchant name. 

  3. Google Sitelinks  - All retailers should test the Google Sitelinks feature, which allows you to customize the links that show below a site. Examples of Sitelinks are highlighted below.
  5. Cross-Channel Dashboards  - Although  AdWords Funnels are a great improvement for paid search analysis, cross-channel data is imperative to optimizing your e-commerce strategy as a whole and creating effective campaigns.
  6. .
  7. Mobile Commerce  – This  emerging channel is highly relevant, as the explosion in Smartphone sales is giving shoppers a new way to research and buy. Google is getting in the game in a big way with Android, the fastest growing Smartphone operating system. Make sure you get in the game as well to take advantage of this trend.



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