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What does the posting error 'Java script not allowed' mean?

The full posting error from eBay is the following.

eBay responded with the message:
Code: 353
Short Message: Java script not allowed.
Long Message: Your listing cannot contain javascript (".cookie", "cookie(", "replace(", IFRAME, META, or includes), cookies or base href..

This posting error occurs because eBay is seeing some type of javascript that they do not allow on their site. The cause of this posting error can be unclear because eBay does not provide any specific information about what exactly the problem is.

Typical failures are usually caused because the ad contains one of the items below. However, the error can also be caused by text not on this list.

base href

This error can also be returned when embedding YouTube videos in your listing. eBay does support the use of YouTube videos, but not YouTube's new embed style. Please follow the instructions on this page to embed YouTube videos:

One other thing to note is that eBay will also ignore all spaces when they are looking for these words. For example, if you end a sentence with a period and then start the next sentence with the word ?cookie?, then eBay will just see .cookie, which is not allowed.

To view eBay's policy on javascript, see this link:

Finally, please also note that eBay is limiting the use of Active Content (including Javascript) starting June 2017. Learn more about eBay's changes here:

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