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What does the posting error 'XML Parse Error' mean?

XML parse errors are typically caused by having unrecognized characters in your ads. These characters are not supported by eBay and are rejected with this error. The characters are often hidden characters that were probably added to your text when copying from a program such as Word and pasting it into ChannelAdvisor account.

If you open your text in a text editor like Notepad, the characters will show up as a small square (black border and white inside). You will need to search and delete these characters from any text that is included in any component of your ads, i.e. SKU, Posting Template, Ad Template, etc.

After removing all of these characters you can try posting the item again.

This can also be caused by XML code located in your description template, item description, etc. that is breaking the XML used to post your listing. Remove any XML and try again.

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