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Where can I find a list of all eBay category numbers?

You can find a list of all eBay US category numbers at the following link.

To find the categories for a different eBay locale, simply change the domain in the URL. For example, to see all eBay UK categories, change to

Additionally, if you contact Support we can send you the following for any category:
- The entire category tree
- Item specific information

When assigining a category to your items, please keep in mind that you can only post to leaf categories. Thus you could post to Computers/Tablets & Networking>Cables & Connectors>USB Cables, Hubs & Adapters", but you couldn't post to "Computers/Tablets & Networking>Cables & Connectors".

Manually searching for and assigning an appropriate category for each product can be quite time consuming. To remedy this, ChannelAdvisor has created an automatic category lookup feature that determines the appropriate category for each product and automatically assigns the category value for you.

This feature is automatically active for eBay Quickstart accounts and is an option that can be enabled in the ChannelAdvisor eBay settings for Custom accounts.

Detailed information regarding the automatic category lookup and activating this feature in custom accounts can be found here:

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