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Why are my eBay marketplace account settings expired and how can I fix it?

In order to manage your eBay account on your behalf, eBay requires the use of something called a "token". This token is the link between eBay and CA and when it's not valid, listings cannot post and orders will not be imported. This token expires every 18 months, so you will need to renew your token at that time. Note that before this expiration date, you will be notified through your account's Message Center to remind you to renew your token.

To renew your token:

- Go to Marketplaces > eBay > eBay Settings > eBay Marketplace Credentials.
- Click the link for the seller account you wish to re-validate under the "eBay User Name" column.
- Click the "Update Token" button.
- You will be redirected to eBay. Enter your User ID and Password.
- Click the "I Agree" button.
- You will then be redirected back to CA. You may need to re-enter your
- Click the "Save" button.

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