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How can I create a label that will show me the SKUs that are not on a specific label? Go to the Inventory > Products > All Products view. On the right click on "Create" beside "Filter By". read more
How do I create custom attributes using the bulk update spreadsheet? To create custom attributes using the bulk update spreadsheet, you will want to download the bulk update spreadsheet template. read more
How does Automatic SKU Detection work? Automatic SKU Detection allows you to upload inventory files and update products even if your inventory files do not include SKU (Inventory... read more
What is the IP range I would need to whitelist for FTP? We have a range of servers we use to send FTP connection requests and any one of them could be used to send a feed. read more
Why are Open Quantity link and value no longer working in the All Products (Legacy) page? In the past, All Products (Legacy) view displayed a link and value for Open Quantity, Pending Checkout, Pending Payment and Pending... read more
Can I export inventory all at once instead of 500 at a time? Yes this is possible. From the Inventory > All Products view Click on the Export Drop down button. You have the option of choosing to... read more
Should I place the file from my FTP Push in the Inventory/Transform folder? You should only place your file in the Inventory/Transform folder if the upload file will be using a custom upload template. read more
How do I connect to FTPS pull? Details on how to setup FTP pulls (including FTPS) can be found here: read more
What are the various FTP directories used for? Below is the standard directory tree found in the FTP site for each account, and a description of how it is used. Reports - Checkout... read more
How do I disassociate a SKU from a DC in bulk? To disassociate a SKU from a DC in bulk, you can submit a file with the two fields: "Inventory Number" and "DC Quantity... read more
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