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Are RAIS ads supported for Bing? Currently, the RAIS (Rich Ads in Search) Ads are not supported in ChannelAdvisor. read more
What is the maximum latency in which a click will be associated with an order? In order for a click to be attributed to an order, the order needs to be completed within 30 days of the initial click. read more
How can I delete a Paid Search provider in ChannelAdvisor? There is currently no way to delete a paid search provider in ChannelAdvisor. You can only set it to inactive. read more
How Can I Assign More Than One Ad Group Per ABM Rule? This is not possible. Each ad group can only be assigned specifically to one ABM rule at a time. read more
Update Base URLs: How do I merge Cells in bulk separated by ** using Excel? To update base URL's in bulk within ChannelAdvisor you need to input the values in the format {Tracking ID}**{Landing Page} If one cell of... read more
What is the Campaign Name column for when I click the Negative Keyword button in the Actionable Reporting view? If you enter a valid Campaign Name in this column, the keyword will apply to the entire campaign. read more
How do I upload Bids for Keywords? ChannelAdvisor provides a Power Bidder tool that lets you update bids quickly in bulk. First, identify the keywords you would like to... read more
Can I use ChannelAdvisor to track Google Grants campaigns? No. We can only integrate with actual Adwords accounts, not Google Grants accounts. read more
Why didn't my Ad Creative Upload Work despite Event Queue showing Success? Ad creative upload will only change the Status of the Ad creative. It will not update any text data or base URLs. read more
Why is my Performance data for Bing not correct in my dashboard? One possible reason for performance data mismatch between Miscrosoft Adcenter account and ChannelAdvisor dashboard is due to the way Bing... read more
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