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What are the correct abbreviations for my shipping carriers? You can find the correct abbreviations for your enabled shipping methods by following the below steps: 1. Log into ChannelAdvisor Complete... read more
How can I create a manual order in CA? Details on how to create an order manually in your ChannelAdvisor account can be found here: read more
Where can I see the release notes for updates made to ChannelAdvisor's API system? For the latest API version and most recent updates, please refer to the pages below: REST API Release Notes: https://developer.... read more
How can I change my API Developer Password? There is not a method for Developers to change their passwords without assistance. Please open a support case by going to https://ssc.... read more
How do I make the eBay shipping options match the shipping carrier/class options in my ChannelAdvisor account? To ensure that your eBay orders are imported with your ChannelAdvisor-configured carrier and class options rather than generic names (i.e. read more
How do I use Paypal Credit (Bill Me Later) on my eBay Listings? In order to use Paypal Credit (formerly named Bill Me Later) on an eBay listing, you would need to set everything up directly at Paypal... read more
How do I edit the customer's telephone number on the invoice? To change the customer's telephone number on the invoice, go to the Sales > Orders/Transactions > Orders page and open the order that... read more
How can I export my tracking numbers? To export your tracking numbers - navigate to Sales > Orders/Transactions > Shipments. read more
How do I change the e-mail address used to receive PayPal payments? PayPal uses a "primary" e-mail address for your account. The primary e-mail address is designated as the recipient of PayPal... read more
Is it possible to display the Invoice ID on the Invoice Preview? No, this is not possible. The invoice ID is an internally generated number that cannot at this time be displayed on the invoice/invoice... read more
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