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How can I create a manual order in CA? Details on how to create an order manually in your ChannelAdvisor account can be found here: read more
How do I Set up Related Products on Big Commerce? There are two ways to set up related products in Big Commerce. The first is to map a field named "Related Products" on the... read more
Big Commerce SKU error: The value provided for 'sku' is not unique Error from Bigcommerce: Conflict error : The value provided for 'sku' is not unique. read more
Potential Fraud Order import for Shopify and Big Commerce Shopify and Big Commerce will automatically check if an order may be at risk of being fraudulent, using their own risk analysis. read more
Bigcommerce - I'm receiving the error: "Same set of options already exists" Bigcommerce - I'm receiving the error: "Same set of options already exists" When a parent / child item is created on BigCommerce... read more
Why am I receiving this BigCommerce error "The credentials you supplied for Bigcommerce are invalid, please check them on the Settings page."? This error occurs when the API settings in BigCommerce don't match what is entered in ChannelAdvisor, and is normally the Store URL not... read more
Why would a shipping carrier for a shopify order display "other" in Shopify? This happens when you are sending a value that Shopify doesn't recognise. So the best option is to ensure that the carrier details are all... read more
What is the image dimension limit for Shopify? The image dimension limit for Shopify is 2048 x 2048 pixels. Images should not exceed this. read more
How does Metadata work and go into Shopify? Metafields allow you to attach metadata, which is additional information, to a store's resources. The Page Title and Meta Description are... read more
What is the Attribute Character Limit for Bigcommerce The character limit for any field value being sent to Bigcommerce is 250. If there are more, the SKU will have an error in the product... read more
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