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Are RAIS ads supported for Bing? Currently, the RAIS (Rich Ads in Search) Ads are not supported in ChannelAdvisor. read more
How can I create a label that will show me the SKUs that are not on a specific label? Go to the Inventory > Products > All Products view. On the right click on "Create" beside "Filter By". read more
What are the correct abbreviations for my shipping carriers? You can find the correct abbreviations for your enabled shipping methods by following the below steps: 1. Log into ChannelAdvisor Complete... read more
How do I create custom attributes using the bulk update spreadsheet? To create custom attributes using the bulk update spreadsheet, you will want to download the bulk update spreadsheet template. read more
What does the warning, "The configured category value of 'XXXX' is not a valid category for eBay listings" mean? From time to time, eBay will update categories unannounced. Usually these instances involve eBay's category number for the existing... read more
How does Automatic SKU Detection work? Automatic SKU Detection allows you to upload inventory files and update products even if your inventory files do not include SKU (Inventory... read more
What does the posting error 'XML Parse Error' mean? XML parse errors are typically caused by having unrecognized characters in your ads. These characters are not supported by eBay and are... read more
What does the posting error 'Java script not allowed' mean? The full posting error from eBay is the following. eBay responded with the message: Code: 353 Short Message: Java script not allowed. Long... read more
eBay error: Variation Specifics Mismatch This error normally arises when the information you are sending to eBay doesn't match up with the information on your existing or previous... read more
Why am I getting this eBay error ?You can't use immediate payment for items specified as Local Pickup Only?? This listing error occurs when there are either missing or incorrect values within eBay shipping settings. Here is what to look for: 1.... read more
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