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"Shipping Service is Required" error when using Local Pickup You may see eBay return some combination of the errors and warnings below when configuring the "Local Pickup" shipping carrier in... read more
Amazon blocked listing showing live on unified account With items that were blocked prior to the delete feature they will be in seller central with a zero quantity. read more
Amazon Office Product Color Error Office products is now requiring that Color Map is provided along with Color otherwise a color is missing error will be produced. Example... read more
Amazon template "is incomplete and cannot be successfully used in its current state" Error: "The template XXXXX is incomplete and cannot be successfully used in its current state" If you receive this warning on... read more
Are Bundle items supported for FBA? Sellers cannot list list bundle items as FBA. read more
Are FBA items factored into quantity update types? FBA items are not a factor when using any of the quantity update types documented here on the SSC: read more
Are FBA orders imported into Stone Edge? Sellers will not need Stone Edge if they are using Amazon FBA for FBA orders as all of the shipping/processing will be done through their... read more
Are feedback reminder emails sent for Amazon orders? No they are not sent though us. We do not send automated emails for amazon orders. However Amazon does send a feedback reminder email on... read more
Are RAIS ads supported for Bing? Currently, the RAIS (Rich Ads in Search) Ads are not supported in ChannelAdvisor. read more
Are the Channeladvisor generated invoice ids unique across all posting accounts? No, the ChannelAdvisor invoice ids will always be unique in each posting account. This means that you should never see an order's invoice... read more
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