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eBay Error: Portions of this listing cannot be revised if the item has bid or active Best Offers or is ending in 12 hours. This error can be returned if a revision attempt is made and your eBay seller account has active best offers that haven't been responded to... read more
What is the cause of the "Internal error to the application" eBay posting error? eBay responded with the message: Code: 10007 Short Message: Internal error to the application. Long Message: Internal error to the... read more
What does the error "If overrides are provided for international postage, you need to provide overrides for all services in international postage" mean? Why am I receiving the following error and how can I resolve it? "If overrides are provided for international postage, you need to... read more
Why do the source categories not appear on the Digital Marketing > Marketing Management > Category Mappings Page First, ensure that you have configured reference field mappings on the Digital Marketing > Account Settings > Reference Field... read more
What is the minimum and maximum size for eBay images? The recommended size for an eBay image is 1600. The current minimum is 500 pixels on the longest side and the maximum is 2500 pixels.... read more
What is the IP range I would need to whitelist for FTP? We have a range of servers we use to send FTP connection requests and any one of them could be used to send a feed. read more
Why are my eBay marketplace account settings expired and how can I fix it? In order to manage your eBay account on your behalf, eBay requires the use of something called a "token". read more
How Can I Bulk Flag Ads? Unfortunately, we don't have flags on ads. We have flags on SKUs, and we happen to display the same flag on the ad in the ads view. There... read more
Why are Open Quantity link and value no longer working in the All Products (Legacy) page? In the past, All Products (Legacy) view displayed a link and value for Open Quantity, Pending Checkout, Pending Payment and Pending... read more
How do I Troubleshoot a "Deal Status" of error on an eBay Promotion? When an eBay promotion has a "Deal Status" of error, check recent message center alerts. You should see a message there with more... read more
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