Configure Your eBay Business Policies


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What You'll Need

  • eBay login credentials

  • Your rules and strategies for payment, shipping and returns
    • for payment: a list of the payment methods you accept; for PayPal your PayPal email address; additional instructions you want to communicate to buyers
    • for shipping: a list of the domestic and – if you ship abroad – international shipping services and costs you offer; info on if you participate in the Global Shipping Program and – if you sell in the UK – if you offer Click & Collect
    • for returns: how quickly shall the buyer return products; who pays returns postage; additional text for the policy




To display correct info on your payment, shipping and return policies in your eBay listings you need to define Business Policies directly within your eBay account.

Note: EBay needs to activate Business Policies in your account. You don’t need to request this – it happens automatically. If it’s activated you see the opt-in placement in the Sell section of My eBay.


1. Login to your eBay account.


2. Go to My eBay > Account > Business Policies.

  1. You can opt out of using business policies. But if so you cannot use the new eBay Feed Templates in ChannelAdvisor. We anticipate that eBay will make business policies mandatory in the nearer future anyway.
  2. EBay has already created business policies based on your active listings – if you have listed items within the last 90 days. You can edit or delete them as you wish.



3. To create a new policy click the button Create policy and select a policy type – Payment, Returns or Shipping.

  • Note that Shipping is called Postage if you use an account. 


4. Enter a Policy name and a Policy description.

  • This is for internal purposes only and won’t be displayed to your buyers.
  • Depending on the locale you will see different fields per policy.



5. Select the policy details that fit best to your business needs.

  • Make sure you complete at least all required fields marked with a green asterisk.


6. Click Save.

  • You will return to the policy overview and your new policy will be listed in the table.



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