Configure Your PayPal Refunds Settings


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What You'll Need

  • PayPal login credentials




In order to be able to process PayPal Refunds in ChannelAdvisor you need to configure PayPal Refund settings directly within your PayPal account. More precisely you grant ChannelAdvisor permission to communicate with PayPal on your behalf.


1. Login to your PayPal account.


2. On the main landing page click on the Selling tools > Seller preferences link.


3. Under the section Selling online > API access, click Update.


4. On the next page for Managed Permissions, if you’re already integrated with eBay (as the screenshot below shows), you may have permissions already granted – do not revoke anything. Just click on Add a new third party.


5. A link will appear under Pre-built payment solution, reading Add or edit API permission. Click this to continue.


6. For the Third Party Permission Username enter (all lower case).


7. Click Lookup.


8. Enable the option to Issue a refund for a specific transaction. This will allow ChannelAdvisor’s API to only issue refunds to this PayPal account when a transaction is indicated for refund through the ChannelAdvisor system.


9. Click Save, and you’re done.



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