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When listing your products as variation listings on Amazon you offer your buyers a better buying experience: They'll find easier what they are looking for. In this Express Guide we'll explain in simple steps how you list variations on Amazon. Please note that we assume that you already created Variation Relationships in ChannelAdvisor and organized your products as Parent and Child items.


1. Go to Marketplaces > Amazon > Product Mapping > Templates.

  • Click on the appropriate Amazon template.


2. Click on the category you want to list variations to in the left-hand menu .

  • If Amazon supports variation listings in your category you'll see the section Variation in your template.


3. Hover your mouse over the question mark next to Variation Theme to get to know the Themes available for your category.

  • Amazon uses the Variation Theme to define how variations vary, for example in Size, Color, Scent, Flavor or else.
  • In our sample category Clothing you can chose between Size, Color or the combination SizeColor if you want to offer your products in different sizes and colors.


4. Map the Variation Theme template field with the desired option.

  • Click on the Select if you haven't mapped a value.
  • Choose your desired value from the dropdown menu and click Done.


5. Depending on the chosen Variation Theme map the appropriate varying attribute fields.

  • In our sample case you would map the fields Color and Size with the inventory fields that contain these values. Use the mapping options Lookup List or Business Rule to transform the values if needed.
  • Map additional fields that are available for your category if needed. When you hover your mouse over the question mark you'll see info about the specific field and expected values.


6. Click Save in the upper right corner of the template once your done.

  • The processing of the data will happen automatically and you should see your variation listings on Amazon shortly.


7. If your variation listing does not appear on Amazon check for errors.

  • If your variation listing does not appear on Amazon within reasonable time go to Marketplaces > Amazon > Products > Product Status. Click on the Errors button to see a list of erros that can keep products from being listed successfully on Amazon.



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