Downloading File Exchange File from eBay

During or prior to your eBay implementation, your ChannelAdvisor contact may ask to review some detailed information about your existing eBay listings in order to identify a launch strategy that meets your requirements. You can provide this information by downloading a File Exchange export of your active listings from eBay.

Your ChannelAdvisor contact may use this file to see what data could be retrieved from eBay to accelerate your launch, and/or to determine whether it will be necessary to withdraw the listings when you go live on ChannelAdvisor.


Tasks to Complete

Please complete the following steps to download the data from eBay:

  1. Sign up for File Exchange here if you have not already done so. This service is free.
  2. Once you are signed up, go to the File Exchange page – available under Seller Tools – and click Download Files:

  3. a) Create a download request:

  4. b) If you currently have variation listings on eBay, create a second (slightly different) download request:

  5. Receive your success message with your reference #:

  6. Check your email for the file, or go to the Completed Downloadssection to retrieve your file:

  7. The resulting file should contain the following fields:

     Item ID

     Custom Label

     Product ID Type

     Product ID Value 1

     Product ID Value 2

     Quantity Available




     Start Date

     End Date



     Item Title

     Category Leaf Name

     Category Number

     Private Notes

     Site Listed

     Download Date

     Variation Details

     Product Reference ID

     Condition ID


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