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ChannelAdvisor regularly releases new features, enhancements and optimization tools to help your e-Commerce business. To help keep you informed of new functionality to leverage in your ChannelAdvisor account and new strategies to implement, we host every month “E-Commerce Speedcasts” which are exclusively for you as a valued customer. These "live" web-based speedcasts will run for a duration of 30 minutes including Q&A. Each session will be recorded for later reference and to share with others in your company.

Below you will find the recorded sessions as well as upcoming E-Commerce Speedcasts. Register today and submit suggested topics for consideration to marketing@ChannelAdvisor.com .


Upcoming E-Commerce Speedcasts


Algorithmic Repricer for Amazon 201: Next Level Strategy

Tuesday, February 28, 2017 at 11 a.m. EST | 8 a.m. PST

The continued growth of Amazon's buyer base has provided a growing opportunity for brands and retailers. But as more sellers have joined Amazon, competition for the Buy Box has heated up. To help customers overcome that challenge and drive more revenue, ChannelAdvisor introduced the Algorithmic Repricer for Amazon.

Customers using the repricer over the 2016 Cyber Five holiday weekend saw exceptionally good results. Compared to using a rule-based repricer, customers experienced 19% more GMV per product and 20% more profit per product by using the Algorithmic Repricer.

Join ChannelAdvisor’s experts for a speedcast on advanced strategies to implement when leveraging the Algorithmic Repricer for Amazon. You’ll walk away with actionable tactics to help you maximize revenue and profitability on Amazon in 2017 and beyond.

In this speedcast, you’ll learn:

  • Advantages to using the Algorithmic Repricer
  • Tips for your competitive environment analysis
  • Best practices for evaluating your performance

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Recorded E-Commerce Speedcasts


Walmart Repricer: Winning the Buy Box and Growing Sales

Since becoming Walmart’s first launch partner, ChannelAdvisor has helped retailers and brands list their products on Walmart.com and optimize their merchandise sales. To date, Walmart is ChannelAdvisor’s third-largest marketplace by gross merchandise value (GMV).

To help sellers stay competitive on a growing marketplace, ChannelAdvisor has released an Algorithmic Repricer for Walmart. Brands and retailers can now leverage the repricer — along with our other repricers for Amazon and Jet — to automate price updates to stay in line with their competitors.

Join ChannelAdvisor’s experts for a speedcast about the new Algorithmic Repricer for Walmart. Learn more about how it can help you maximize revenue to kick off the new year strong, including:

  • Tips for getting started
  • Repricer benefits
  • Promotional best practices

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Improving Your Ad Performance with Carousel Ads

The new year is upon us! It’s time to get your social plans in order, so you can keep those sales going strong long after the holidays have ended. Do you have a strong social plan built for this year? If not, Carousel Ads certainly should be part of it. Some advertisers have seen them drive 30-50% lower cost-per-conversion and 20-30% lower cost-per-click than single-image link ads.*

Join Valerie Anders, our Digital Marketing Product Manager, as she discusses how you can improve your Carousel Ad performance to increase traffic and sales. In this 30-minute Speedcast, you will learn:

  • Best practices for audience targeting
  • How to select products to feature
  • Actionable Reporting and KPI tips

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*Source: Facebook


How to Maximize Facebook Performance with Dynamic and Carousel Ads

Whether you’re new to Facebook advertising or are looking for best practices to drive growth for the holidays and into 2017, this isn’t a speedcast to miss!

Join Valerie Anders, our Digital Marketing Product Manager, as she discusses our support for Facebook Dynamic Ads and the newly-released Carousel Ads. She’ll cover topics that will help you both manage and grow your social commerce business using our platform.

In this speedcast you will learn:

  • Proven tools to leverage
  • Expert guidance on campaign objectives
  • Best practices for success
  • Actionable reporting and KPI tips

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Building your Shopping Ads Foundation for a Successful Holiday Season

Now is the time to prepare and make any necessary changes with your digital marketing strategies. To help you find the most success this holiday season, we have partnered with Google for an E-Commerce Speedcast which is available exclusively for you as a valued customer.

The main topics are:

  • Cyber Five results
  • Industry trends
  • Planning and managing holiday strategies

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Algorithmic Repricer: Winning the Amazon Buy Box and Growing Profit

Our ChannelAdvisor’s experts presented a speedcast about our newly released Algorithmic Repricer. View the recording to learn more about how the Algorithmic Repricer can help you maximize revenue and profitability on Amazon for the holiday season and beyond.

The main topics were:

  • Repricer Benefits
  • Proven Customer Results
  • Implementation Tips
  • Best Practices

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Google PLA Holiday Prep: Trends and Strategies

Amex Brees, Sr. Campaign Manager with ChannelAdvisor, reviewed what you need to know for your holiday Google PLA holiday prep including:

  • PLA trends to watch
  • Budget management tips
  • Strategies to implement
  • Resources to leverage

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Actionable FBA Insights to Boost Sales and Identify Cost Savings

Alison Held, Product Manager with ChannelAdvisor, provided an overview of the Amazon FBA insights and how you can leverage them to help you manage and grow your Amazon FBA business.

Attendees learned:

  • The benefits to your business
  • Best practices to utilize
  • Action items to implement

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Amazon Insights: Make Data-Driven Decisions with Predictive Analytics

Josh Jamieson, Business Analyst with ChannelAdvisor, reviewed our newly enhanced Amazon Insights and what this feature can provide to help grow your Amazon business and uncover saving opportunities.

Attendees learned:

  • The benefits to their business
  • Best practices to utilize
  • Action items to implement

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